Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I have wanted to type that headline for a long while now. Ever since they stood there with their smug smiling faces on TV telling us what a great new day it was in America. Now the United States was suddenly a place worth living, a place you could now be proud to call home. It was the day that they finally bullied and blackmailed and bought their wonderful healthcare bill into becoming law, and all paid for with our dollars! Thousands of pages that no one even bothered to read, and why should they have to, we could find out what was in it after it passed.

Yesterday was great, it was a good start. I wished that we could have taken the Senate but this is going to be a long fight and it won't be won overnight. The very fact that people like Harry Reid and Barney Frank can get re-elected shows that there are a lot of stupid voters out there and this will not be a quick or easy fight.

My immediate concern is for the next couple of months, there are a lot of angry politicians that will be out of job and/or power in the new year. The question for right now is what kind of damage are they going to try to do before they go?

After that is the concern for the Republicans, are they going to run with this opportunity or fumble the ball yet again? If they do screw it up once more it might be the other side making big advances in two more years...


cybrus said...

Very true - and great title/photo!

Been reading your blog for a while - finally got around to adding it to my blogroll!

Wilson said...

Thanks! I know many Americans feel the same way, too bad we couldn't get them all to come out yesterday with us!