Thursday, November 04, 2010

Okay Republicans, your move

If you have read wilsonblog for any length of time you have noticed that political posts are few and far between. In fact this will probably be the last for quite some time. There is of course a very good reason for that. I hate politics. As a general rule I hate politicians too, especially career politicians. How can you trust anyone that would want to be in congress their entire life? Why else would they be staying except for their own love for money and power? They are the antithesis to everything that our nation was founded on and how our political system was designed to work. A good example from my own state would be Representative William Natcher, a man that served in the House of Representatives for 41 years and died in office. I don't know I thing about Mr. Natcher personally, he very well could have been an honorable man who loved serving his country without a single self-serving motive, and for the sake of this argument let's assume that's true. It still doesn't matter. No one needs to be in congress for that long. But all of my talk is pointless as career politicians are here to stay. The problem can't be fixed except at a national level and I don't see either party doing a thing about it in my lifetime. In an ideal world politicians would serve a few terms and then go back to a regular job, they wouldn't keep running and "serve" their entire lives. Or maybe angry voters would just throw them out. Neither is going to happen, most Americans are too complacent (the ones that vote at all) and most politicians are too selfish.

What was I saying? Oh yes, I hate politics and career politicians. Unfortunately keeping an eye on both is a necessary evil. I have a lot more interesting ways of spending my time but I know if didn't expend some of my energy on politics I would soon find my wallet empty. If some of the worst leftwing nutjobs had total power I would probably end up in a concentration camp re-education center somewhere.

What was this post about again? Oh yes…

The Republicans now have control of the House of Representatives and while they are not in control of the Senate nothing is going to happen without their approval. So what do I expect from the GOP? What do I expect for my vote? Not much really, I don't believe my expectations are actually that high. First, I expect them to stop spending money that we don't have. That doesn't seem too hard, does it? No entitlements, no military appropriations, no pet pork projects without paying for them NOW, not later. Yes a balanced budget is a good place to start. What else would I like to see? Well doing serious damage to that abomination called national healthcare would be nice. Maybe the funding could be cut or it could in some other way be castrated. That would be very nice. How about some tax cuts, especially for people that actually pay taxes and small businesses, you know the backbone of this nation. Extending the Bush tax cuts would be good gesture to start the coming session. But what we need most is any good idea to help businesses grow and get this economy moving again, and it needs to be done now.

What I don't want is excuses, I don't want to hear about how they're not in total control and can't get it done. Maybe the President will veto your efforts but make him veto it. Put him on record as being against tax cuts, against a balanced budget, against the will of the average American voter that just destroyed his party's political power. And don't get too friendly with the other side. Here is a little clue to those delusional Republicans out there, Democrats don't like you, they never did and they never will. And even if you agree with them they still won't like you, in fact they'll despise you for it. Stop trying to be friends, you're never going to be friends with them unless you become like them. If you can get your opponents to come with you great, otherwise go it alone. Don't go into your social agenda right now either, you don't have the political power or the time. All of your immediate efforts should be concentrated on our nation's economic problems, we have a bomb that is about to go off and we need all your hard work to defuse it.

This is the Republicans last chance with me. I've been voting (R) my whole life and it was the very rare exception that I ever voted (D). I cast my very first vote for Ronald Reagan in 1984 and I was proud to do it. But Reagan is dead and the Grand Old Party is only ghost of it's former self. Over the ensuing years it has become harder and harder to vote Republican, many times my vote only being the "lesser of two evils." This time the GOP better come up with some good ideas and do their best to get them enacted. The Republicans had better ram those ideas through or at the very least show this President for the leftwing radical that he is. Talk is cheap and I'm tired of it, the time for talk is over. If you don't make some serious changes this time I am taking my ball and going home. If my only other choice is "democrat-lite" I would rather not vote at all.

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Bluer said...

You shouldn't hold back your feelings. Seriously, you're saying what a lot of us are thinking.