Monday, January 10, 2011


First, my prayers to the victims and families involved in the tragic shootings in Arizona this weekend...

Second, I was disgusted with everyone involved with reporting the news of this horrific event, all of them. I tried to watch the various news programs Saturday but couldn't stand it very long. I ended up just watching a few minutes at a time and then taking a "timeout" for an hour or two so that the "reporters" could catch up with their facts, something that should have been done BEFORE they reported it on national television. Finally in disgust I just stopped watching at all. In an effort to be the first to report some tasty new tidbit, which evidently is the ONLY thing that matters in modern "journalism," every one of these news networks had their readers (they're not reporters) wildly speculating on nationwide TV. And there was plenty of speculation to go around. Was the shooting terrorism or politically motivated? Or maybe something personal against one of the victims? Then there were the victims themselves, some who were dead but then got to live again. Don't forget the shooter either, when it became blatantly obvious he was nothing more than a mentally disturbed loser we had to know who he was and what motivated him. For a while he was a Nazi, a Communist, a left wing loon or a right wing nut depending on what time of day and what channel your television was on. But I am holding a special anger and revulsion in me for those that tried to make some political hay from this tragedy and the "reporters" that helped them. These scum were already blaming Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for "setting off" this nut before the victims' bodies were even cold (a little girl among them). This shooting was indeed a heartbreaking tragedy but it was the "reporting" of it that was another kind of tragedy altogether.

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