Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How much? & How long?

THIS got me thinking about government handouts. How much is enough? Is there ever enough? The average American liberal would probably say no. In this newest giveaway scheme if a school has at least 40% of their students on welfare the entire student body qualifies for free breakfast and lunch programs. How much money the other 60% make is irrelevant. Whether they want it or not is irrelevant, they will get it. The thinking behind it is that low-income students at the school need this so they won't be stigmatized anymore. Since everyone is getting free meals the poor can't be singled out for ridicule. How far do we have to go with government charity? Isn't it enough that we feed them, now we have to make sure their feelings don't get hurt too? The obvious conclusion to this kind of reasoning is that no matter what we do it's unacceptable. It won't be until every American citizen turns over their paycheck and then receives a government stipend. I think there's a name for that.

The other question was How Long? How long will the average American taxpayer put up with this before they finally give up in frustration? How long can the productive people of this nation keep taking a hit while those that contribute nothing to our society continue to suck it dry, and in fact get more and more? I really wonder how long we will survive when "Joe Average" decides he's not doing it anymore. When he starts working less to lower his tax liability, or maybe stops working all together and becomes just another leech on the system. When that happens it's not going to be pleasant for any of us. For years politicians have been dividing the people using class warfare and soon I think we're all going to reap the rich harvest they have sown. When the "haves" finally decide they're not paying any longer into a broken system, and when the "have-nots" realize that the free handouts are over it's going to get ugly. We're already seeing it in other western nations and the more I think about it I am sure we will see it here. My hope is that this can still be stopped, but the further we go down these tracks were on the surer I am that this train wreck is inevitable.

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DES said...

I wish I had some argument proving you wrong but I don’t. Unfortunately what you write might happen and like you I can only hope that it doesn’t.