Thursday, August 04, 2011

Last best chance

Watching the tragic comedy that was the debt ceiling negotiations left me with the distinct feeling that the Tea Party is the last chance this country has to prevent a major financial disaster. Many Tea Party members voted conscience instead of towing the republican party line and while they didn't really get what they wanted they did move the direction of the debate. No doubt why they were on the receiving end of so much venom. This country has to make major changes if we are to survive and it's obvious that republicans like Boehner and McConnell are not up to the task. Even if they had the votes I know they wouldn't implement the changes that are necessary to save us. They would compromise, that's what they do. They would make some watered down "deal" with their opponents because it's in their DNA. Mainstream republicans don't want to be the "bad guy," they don't want to fight. But that's exactly what is required right now, people that will stand up and fight to fix these problems. We need politicians to do the right thing no matter what kind of pressure is put on them, that will vote for this country's best interest no matter how many times they're accused of killing seniors or starving poor children. Our Nation's best hope now is that the Tea Party can make major advances in the next elections and assimilate the republican party. If they can control enough seats to defeat both of their enemies, democrats and "deal making" republicans, there's still a chance that we can stop the train wreck that's coming.


DES said...

Although I’m a Libertarian I would much prefer to see the Tea Party in control than those currently in charge. While I’m not in total agreement with them at least they are doing what they think will save this country. The guys running the show right now, I’m not sure they have our nation’s best interest at heart. In fact the longer they are in office the more convinced I become that they really don’t.

Tookie said...

Assimilate the republicans, Like the Borg?

Wilson said...

@ DES – ” The guys running the show right now, I’m not sure they have our nation’s best interest at heart.” DES you’re being very generous. From all that we’ve seen since the inauguration it’s safe to assume one of two things about the current occupier of the white house. The man is either a colossal fool and his leftwing beliefs so ingrained that he’s blind to the fact that he is destroying this nation, or all the damage he has done to this country has been on purpose and is part of some greater design. Those are the only two options I see here, I don’t like either.

@ Tookie – Exactly – RESITANCE IS FUTILE!