Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So what do I do now?

Well it's been a week since the election. A week with reoccurring fits of anger and despair. I'm feeling better, but now every time I'm out, at the market or wherever, I look at the people around me and think "Did this idiot vote for Obama? Does this idiot care more about handouts than freedom?" Statistically, in my area, the chances are about 50%. I hate feeling that half the people around me are either retarded or socialists but it's a reality that can't be avoided anymore.

This is the second presidential election in a row I was wrong about. I was sure that McCain would squeak by, I was sure Romney would too. Romney lost worse than McCain. Both times I made some basic assumptions that turned out to be wrong. All along I assumed that I was an 'average American voter' and that certain things important to me were also important to most other voters. I assumed that this mythical 'average voter' was more concerned about the country's long term wellbeing rather than their own petty personal gain. I assumed that their future freedom and that of their children/grandchildren was actually important to them. You know what they say about assumptions.

Well, the time for crying is over, now is the time to do some things to protect yourself. We're heading for hard times; I honestly don't believe there is any way to avoid it now, if there ever was. If we're lucky it will only be a major recession that will make the last four years look like nothing. How much luck this country has left I don't know.

As far as the suggestions I made last week, I've already made some progress. Since that last post I was offered another position at work. It will be a pay cut for me, it's the same pay actually but about two hours less a week. It wasn't a hard decision, it's a better job and knowing that I will be paying less income tax makes it a good tradeoff. That's a good start on # 1.

As for # 2 (paying less sales tax) I'm working on that too. From now on I'm only paying taxes if I absolutely have to, food, clothes, ammunition mostly, and not then if I can (legally) get out of it. I've got plenty of the above but will continue to stockpile it if for no other reason than to beat inflation. As for guns I really don't need any more. I put two on layaway before the election and will have to pay them off, but after that all major purchases will be eliminated for the duration.

My main goal right now is to become debt free. I have two bills that I should have paid off by the spring. After that I'm putting all available money aside to save for some property out in the country. I've always wanted my own private shooting range and I'm going to start looking for some acreage in late '13 or 2014. If the world is still here. Hell, I might end up living there too. For those of you out there reading this I hope you're starting your own plans. Time is running short. Good luck to us all.


John D said...

A recovering addict I knew once told me that he had to hit rock bottom before he would acknowledge there was a problem and turn his life around. Sadly, I think that may be the case with our country. More than half the electorate is in denial. It's going to take a slap in the face to wake them up. Unfortunately, it's going to be a painful process for all of us.

DES said...

A was in a depression over the election for a week. I just couldn’t believe he could get re-elected after the complete failure that his 1st term was. We’re just going to have to find a much better candidate next time. One that can better explain our vision to the uninformed masses.

Wilson said...

@ John D – Let us just hope that they can be woke up.

@ DES – I’m trying to be optimistic, but even if we find a better candidate what are the chances that the masses will even listen. As long as the free ice cream machine is still running I’m betting they won’t.