Wednesday, November 07, 2012

So what do we do now?

I've been thinking about this awhile, long before last night's debacle. My ideas certainly aren't original, smarter men and women than me have thought the same thoughts. I'm just repeating them. It's time that we that love this country start putting them into action.

This monster that we call "The Government" has been out of control a long time and only gets worse each day. In the next four years it will probably become unbearable to those of us that cherish freedom and individuality.

So what can we do?

There are many things we can do and one that would help the most is to stop feeding the monster. The monster can't run without money. Don't feed the beast.

1) Find ways to pay less income taxes. Most of us can't just quit our jobs to stop paying income taxes. We've got bills to pay. But can you afford to work a few less hours a week? If you could, working less would help starve the monster with the added benefit of giving you more time to enjoy your life. Do you have an accountant that takes advantage of every (legal) tax loop available to you? You should never pay a cent more than legally required.

2) Find ways to pay less sales taxes. Do you really need that new gizmo? Could you find a used one that will do the same for much less cost? Can you just do without it altogether? If there is a product of service you really need can you find a way to barter for it instead? Stop paying into the government coffers; they're just going to waste it anyway.

3) Can you get money back from the government? Is there some program you qualify for but don't take advantage of? Why? Pride? If there is some program that you legally could use do it. There's nothing immoral about it and the less money the monster has the quicker it dies. Bleed it dry.

4) Find like-minded people to do business with. Never willingly give your money to any business person or company that supports this government. Only give your money to people that believe in the ideas you do.

In general the less money that changes hands the better. Every penny that isn't paid in sales or income taxes brings the monster's death that much sooner. Every new burden on the monster only makes it weaker. There are millions of us in this country that still believe that "government" is not the answer. If we all helped, if only in a little way, we could end this madness. I'm willing to try. Are you?


Tex Dakota said...

I couldn't agree more! Stop feeding the beast as much as you can and it will eventually starve to death.

PISSED said...

I agree and was talking about these exact points today thanks!

PISSED said...

I 'm gonna repost this with a link to you. I hope that is okay.

John Henry said...

I always try to do whatever business I can with mom and pop operations where they will most often be willing to give you a discount for cash. You both win and big brother loses. Work for cash whenever you can. Don't buy any shit you don't need. Save your money and hide it. The ideas you suggest are all good, but we can do more. Half the shit people buy they don't even need. Sell any shit you have that has any value ... for cash. That will help others get what they want without paying the taxes at a storefront. Find as many ways to economize as possible. Eat out less and learn to cook better and eat the leftovers. Turn your heat down a degree or two and put on a sweater. Walk to the store. Turn off lights when you leave a room. Turn off the TV when you aren't watching it. All that little stuff adds up. Keep your old car one more year and buy used when you can. Avoid traffic tickets ... drink less, quit smoking, stay healthy .... If you have employees, find out if any of them wish to work less or take some time off without pay. Quit overtime work ..... We could all smarten up and benefit from starving the beast ... I couldn't agree more and I do all the things mentioned here. Also ... stop buying lottery tickets ... you aren't going to win anyway. In fact, stop gambling altogether .. it's a fools game. Okay ... nuff said.

Wilson said...

Thanks Tex, Pissed, John Henry.

Go ahead Irishman, I don't mind. You’ve got a lot more readers than me and the more people that read this the better.

John Henry, some good points, I didn't even think about the lotto, that's just free money to the beast. Stop paying their stupid/poor tax!

missred said...

Wonderful suggestions - from John Henry too.
Came over here from the Feral Irishman, will stay for the company!

Jason said...

Great plan - I have come across similar sentiments on several sites and I am going to do all I can. If we can do this and stick to it, we can starve the beast. It is going to be horrible for a while for that part of the population that discovered they can vote themselves more freebies and those freebies are going to run out - the sooner we get it over with, the better.

DES said...

You have come up with some very good suggestions. Thank you for posting. It is up to all of us to change things around and we can if we try.

Wilson said...

Thanks for the comments guys!