Sunday, January 13, 2013

'Why do you need an assault weapon?'

I've heard that a lot from the liberal/utopian/Kool-Aid drinking crowd lately all over the internet and TV. The answer is quite simple really - because if they somehow magically got what they wanted and every 'evil' looking gun was taken away that wouldn't be the end of it, but the beginning.

Soon after you would hear them asking - 'Why do you need a pistol?'

Then when your semi-auto handguns were taken away you would hear - 'Why do you need hi-powered rifles?'

When there was nothing left for you to own but revolvers, shotguns and twenty-twos then you would hear - 'Why do you need a gun, period?'

But it wouldn't end there either, because even if they could manage to collect every gun in the country they wouldn't be satisfied. They would have something else to ask you - 'Why do you need to criticize our leaders?'

When they couldn't shut you up then you would hear - 'Why do you need to disobey the government?'

Finally, they would get around to the question the true believers among them have wanted to ask all along - 'Why do you need to exist at all?'

And that's why I need an 'Assault Weapon.'

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