Friday, January 03, 2014

The one good thing about Obama

He has inspired thousands (probably millions) of Americans to buy their first gun since he took office in 2009. That "Gun salesman of the year" joke is no lie. Since the democrat induced buying frenzy began this time last year I have lost count of the new faces I've seen at gun shops and the shooting range. I used to love going to my local range early on weekday mornings. Most of the year, if I got there early enough, I could be assured of having the range to myself. Not anymore! Every time I've gone lately there have been shooters waiting for it to open, many of them new gun owners wanting to try out their purchase. When I went shooting early the other morning the temperature was in the twenties, there were still a half dozen people ahead of me! Thanks, Mr. President! One more good push from you and your buddies and I think we can get American gun ownership over 90%!

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