Tuesday, September 09, 2014

If you like historic photos ...

Check out THIS site. It has over 170,000 images from 1935 to 1945. One really nice feature is that you can go to the interactive map and actually search for photos from your area of the country, right down to the county you live in!

Monday, September 08, 2014

Gone shooting - Sig P556

I went to the range this morning. Perfect shooting weather, 65 and sunny. I've wanted to get my "new" Sig Sauer 556 pistol to the range since I bought it in July. I also had a Magpul 40rd magazine I recently bought and wanted to test too.

I brought along Winchester and Federal (55gr) and Federal (62gr) 5.56 ammunition as well as three sizes of Magpul mags. I should have brought some GI mags to test with it but forgot them. It'll have to wait until next time.

I started out the session by zeroing the gun. It was shooting a couple inches to the left for me but it was an easy fix with the Sig Diopter sight. After that, I shot 30 rds thru the pistol WITHOUT using the brace. I wanted to get a feel for how it handled when you didn't use it. I spent the rest of the time firing from a standing position while shouldering the brace.

Most of my firing time was with a standard USPSA/IPSC target. All shooting was at 25 yards.

There were no great revelations this morning; everything was just as I assumed it would be. Firing unsupported my groups were easily 2.5 times what they were when I shouldered the brace. They looked like a shotgun pattern, all over the "A" and "C" zones. Rapid fire (with any kind of accuracy) was nearly impossible.

The groups tightened up considerably when I used the brace. I was easily able to keep my shots in the big "A" zone. With a lot of concentration I could even keep my shots in the small "A" and the "B" area. The Sig has a 2 stage trigger that is a little on the heavy side with a lot of takeup. It is not match quality but once you get used to the feel it is more than adequate.

The gun ran flawlessly. I fired 140 rounds thru three different magazines without a malfunction. This gun really throws the brass though, about 25 feet at the 2 O'clock position.

As you would expect, muzzle flash and recoil with the 10-Inch barrel was greater than a carbine length one. But it was controllable even in rapid fire. That short barrel heats up real fast though!

The only downside this morning was that after I finished shooting I noticed the flash hider (appears to be a standard AR-15/M16 type) had come loose. I not really sure it was on there right to begin with.

I think I can say with some certainty that this Sig pistol is a "keeper" - as it is. But if the laws were to ever change and you couldn't have the brace I don't think I would want it. The thing is just a monster without it.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

People with guns collection # 74

MORONG, PHILIPPINES: The Montagnards, the fiercely independent tribesmen of Vietnam's Central Highlands who fought the communists in the jungles of Cambodia and Vietnam, recently decided to abandon their struggle and seek new lives in the U.S. In this 1969 photo, a Montagnard tribesman heads for his guard post at Tieu-Altar, South Vietnam with his baby strapped to his back. Sept 1 1986

Sunday, August 31, 2014

People with guns collection # 73

AUG. 31st, 1944. -- GIRL UNDERGROUND FIGHTER IN PARIS -- Pistol in hand, a girl fighter of the French forces of the interior, halts a staff car bearing the Croix De Lorraine to tell the driver the news that Paris has been liberated. French underground forces battled the Nazis in the streets before the city was freed.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Publishing milestone

Yesterday my first book Joshua reached a publishing milestone - 10,000 copies sold!

9525 - Kindle
437 - Paperback
37 - Nook
1 - Smashwords

To celebrate, I am offering the Kindle version for free. This offer is only good today and tomorrow (8/15 - 8/16) - just click on the link at right. I also want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone that helped make this possible!

Monday, July 28, 2014

New pistol!

Recently I got a good deal on this used Sig Sauer P566 pistol. I need to get it to the range soon!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Apocalyptic Reminder

Because of a storm that tore through I just went 18 hours without electricity. That's good though; you need to be reminded occasionally that the world is going to suck after the lights go out.

Friday, July 25, 2014

75 years ago today!

On this day in 1939 my Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum shipped from the factory to Sutcliffe Sporting Goods in Louisville, KY. The gun shipped exactly as you see it now although the original grips are long gone. With more research I recently discovered that my revolver was one of a two gun shipment. Both handguns were identical and had consecutive registration numbers. Somewhere out there (maybe) is a twin to this one!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gone shooting

I went shooting early this AM. The temperature was 70 and the sky partially overcast, nearly a perfect day for the range! I have several items on my gun "to do" list and today it was my Remington 870's turn. I have had it a while and needed to see how it shoots and functions. I wasn't really too concerned with function. I have owned a half dozen Model 870 shotguns over the years and have yet to own a bad one. I was more concerned with the stock. It has a factory issue folding metal stock and I didn't know how unpleasant it was going to be to shoot heavy loads through it.

I arrived right as they opened with my Remington and 40 rounds of various self-defense loads, mostly 00 Buckshot. I had some regular Winchester and some Remington LE "Reduced Recoil" rounds. I also fired a box of 1 oz. Brenneke slugs through it too. As I'm sure you could guess the reduced recoil loads were the least punishing, followed by the Winchester, and finally the Brenneke slugs were the harshest. None of them, not even the slugs, were too bad though. The metal butt plate didn't even leave a mark on me. I had thought I might have to switch to a regular synthetic stock but I have no issues with this folding unit.

The Remington shot straight and functioned flawlessly, you can't ask for more than that. The sights were especially good. This shotgun was built by Scattergun Technologies (the original one in Nashville TN) and was equipped with their tall front sight and ghost ring rear. It's a good set-up that makes it lot easier to get consistent hits. I liked the sights a lot and can see why they are so popular. This one is definitely a "keeper."