Sunday, September 06, 2015

People with guns collection # 87

DETROIT PISTOL TEAM -- R - L Bob Taylor - Mitchell Skotarczyk - Frances Hedrick - Frank Gentile (Acting Capt. of Team) - James Hurt -- Police Athletics Field Day. SEPT 2 1960

Sunday, August 16, 2015

People with guns collection # 86

LIGHT BEAM AIDES POLICE OFFICERS - DETROIT, MICH. - G. Howlett Davis of Detroit (Right) demonstrating a device he has invented which when attached to the barrel of a revolver projects a beam of light that illuminates a small area into which bullets fired from the revolver will hit. This device is expected to be of great use to policemen hunting fugitives or armed criminals in dark places, for once the beam of light picks up the target it can be held and the bullets placed in it. Emerson Osborn is acting as target. This light beam is effective up to 50 feet. 8-20-40

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Grand Experiment

One year ago today I began using only double action revolvers when I carried concealed. No doubt long time readers of this blog will know I am a fan of S&W revolvers. I have carried them for many years now, but never exclusively. I thought I would give it a try.

My two main carry choices (top two in photo) have been a Model 342PD (.38 Special) and a "Pre 27" (.357 Magnum) - two guns about as different as you can get and both still be revolvers. The 342PD is a 5-shot Airweight so light you easily forget it's on you; the .357 is ungainly hunk of steel that will fire heavy .357 loads like they're light .38 Specials. Also in the lineup was a M649 and Chiefs Special (both .38) and for a short while even a 686 (.357).

I don't have any grand revelations for you. Carrying these revolvers wasn't much more difficult than the autoloaders I have carried for years. Yes, the big Smith was a bit more cumbersome but nothing that couldn't be done regularly. In no way did I ever feel that I was somehow "undergunned" when carrying revolvers. I never felt I was short changing myself.

I found the main difference was in carrying the reloads. I always like at least one reload with my carry gun and that's where the disparities between autos and revolvers really started showing. Typically I will carry my reloads in a front pants pocket. I've found that even a large capacity magazine in your pocket isn't too difficult to deal with, on the other hand revolver speed loaders, if carried loose, can become quite the chore.

I used both speed strips and speed loaders. The strips are of course much easier to carry on you but slower to use. The speed loaders are much quicker for reloading but more of a hassle to carry. What did I do?

As the year progressed I found myself carrying speed strips more often and speed loaders less and less, especially the N-Frame ones that were the main problem. Eventually I got lazy and just started carrying an extra J-Frame revolver which, although heavier, didn't seem as bothersome as an N-Frame speed loader rolling around in my pocket.

Now that the year has ended I don't know if I will continue the experiment. I have several good carry autos that I would like to start using. The one thing I do know for sure is that if I carry revolver speed loaders again it will have to be with a good holder attached to the belt. Trying to carry them any other way is just too much of a headache.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gone shooting

I went to the range yesterday morning, the temperature was 70, the sky slightly overcast - nearly perfect shooting weather! I had a "new" gun I wanted to try, a Smith & Wesson SW99 (45 ACP) that I recently purchased.

If the gun looks familiar it is because I owned (and blogged) about a similar pistol that I had a while back, the SW990L. The two handguns are nearly identical; the main difference being that the 990L was more like a double action only type trigger while this SW99 has what Walther calls the Anti Stress (AS) trigger. I won't go into a detailed review of the differences today, perhaps at a later time.

It's possible that I might use this gun for concealed carry and self-defense so this time I was more interested in reliability than anything else. I took along several brands and types of ammunition for testing. Typically, when I want to check the reliability of a semi-auto pistol I will randomly load the magazines with various types of ammo and see how it does. Today I took 3 types of hollowpoint ammunition (all 230 gr), some old 230 gr ball and even some 185 gr semi wadcutter match ammo. All the above was loaded in the magazines with an effort to keep changing bullet types at least every few rounds and to top off each mag with something more difficult (like WC or HP) than ball ammo.

I fired 170 rounds in this fashion without a single malfunction. Today I shot at the 25 yard line and firing unsupported kept the groups at 4-5 inches. Next time I take this gun to the range it will be with my chosen self-defense load to see what it is really capable of.

I had a really great morning and hopefully will get back to finish testing real soon!

Sunday, June 07, 2015

People with guns collection # 84

FEMININE INVASION OF ANOTHER MANLY SPORT - Miss Mary Ward (left) and Miss Louise Thompson (right), Illinois girls, were high point winners in the Junior Rifle Corps Matches held in connection with the Natl. Rifle and Pistol Matches held at Camp Perry, Ohio. JUN 2 1930

Friday, May 01, 2015

Gone shooting - Revolver Day

I finally went shooting Wednesday, the first time this year! It's hard to believe that I could go to nearly May without some range time but since I shoot outdoors my shooting schedule is entirely dependent on the weather. This year, so far, the weather has been a mess. Every time I planned to go it was either snow or rain, or snowy rain. There were a few dry days earlier, back in January and Feb., but I've lost my enthusiasm for going shooting when it's 10 degrees out. I must be getting old. We do have one indoor range that's not too far of a drive but I refuse to spend $11 per half-hour just out of principle.

Since I was taking my "new" S&W .357 I decided to also take a couple of my regular carry guns along to make it a all revolver day. I fired mostly cheap Winchester and S&B but also put a box of Buffalo Bore .357 thru the Magnums - GOOD TIMES! This latest .357 functioned perfectly but I was expecting no less. I was shooting it a little higher than normal, probably because I'm more used to the sights on the post war model. Overall, it was a great morning firing some fine guns.

Something else I noticed (and have been noticing more and more over the last year or so) are many new faces at the range. Up until recently I would go there on the weekday when they opened (9AM) and would have the range to myself. There might be 1 or 2 old-timers there at most. Nowadays it's almost guaranteed that there will be 5 or 6 shooters ready when they open the doors. Many appear to be new male shooters (of various ages) and also first time women (often accompanied by boyfriends/husbands) shooting too. The times, they are a changing.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

People with guns collection # 82

FIVE JAPS TO HIS CREDIT - PHILIPPINES -- Probably the youngest and proudest guerilla fighter in the Philippines, Ponciano "Sabu" Arida of Santo Maria, Laguna Province, Luzon, has five dead Japs to his credit. The eleven-year-old patriot, who fought the Japs throughout the three-year enemy occupation of the islands, is now working with a unit of the 43rd Division. -- ARMY RADIO TELEPHOTO 4/19/45