Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

Korea 1952

Another Memorial Day is here, another summer about to begin. Before with get on with our sporting events, cookouts and get-togethers, let us stop and remember what the day is really for.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Gone Shooting - J Frame Day

I went shooting again Monday. The weather was perfect although a little cool for May, in the 40s when I left the house.

This time I took my Smith & Wesson "J" frame revolvers with me for practice. The Bodyguard and then later the lightweight Centennial I used quite a bit for several years. The Bodyguard 649 (upper right) was actually my first carry gun and my only one up until 2000. Now I hardly use any J-Frames at all.

For the last couple of years I haven't carried them except the lightweight 342PD (left) that sometimes I keep in my pocket around the house. Occasionally I will carry it instead of a reload for my main gun.

The third J-Frame is a 1953 vintage Chiefs Special (lower right) that's had a hard life. I've never carried that one. It's mostly retired now and is a backup to my backup.

Snub-nose revolvers are probably the hardest handguns to shoot accurately and I wasn't doing too well Monday. I was barely keeping the shots in the black (5-Inch). I hadn't practiced with them in a while and it showed. I actually did best with the 342PD. It's a lightweight gun but it always been the best shooting J-Frame I've owned. All three revolvers are unmodified but the trigger on that one was a little better from the factory. I was pretty rusty with these three and no doubt need to get them back to the range soon.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Free Book!

Starting today my second book Traveler is free on Kindle. But it's only through April 12th so don't delay!


Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Gone Shooting - N Frame Day

I went to the gun range again Monday. The weatherman was threatening rain yesterday morning but I went anyway. Fortunately they were wrong again although it was quite windy.

I took a few of my Smith & Wesson "N" frame revolvers with me for practice. I own several more that need shooting but I only took the three pictured. Those are the ones that get used most often.

The 627 is the revolver that gets used most nowadays and it got the most range time yesterday. Yes, the other two antiques do get carried but not very often since I bought the 627. The stainless steel construction and 8-shot capacity make it my go-to revolver.

I got there when they opened and it wasn't too crowded yet. I stayed just long enough to go through a couple boxes of ammo. The lanes were filling up fast by the time I was leaving. All my shooting was at 10 yards. I shot in double action, that's the only way I shoot revolvers I carry.

I fired 100 rounds and kept all the shots in the black, and the only issue was the wind. I had to go out three times to fix my target. I used a cardboard target stand that the gun range sells and usually a couple good-sized rocks are enough to hold it down, just not yesterday.

Despite the wind I had a great time at the range again and hopefully I can go back before April is over. I have some "J" frames that need to be shot too.