Friday, June 03, 2011

Question for the Gunnies

Do you have a gun related log? If so, how detailed is it? I do, I keep a "Gun Journal" and I'm willing to bet a lot of my fellow gun owners do to. Mine is just a simple Word document. In it I record the guns I buy (by model and serial number) including purchase price and any other pertinent details I might have at the time. Like if it's an antique I might record the year it was made or basic condition, if it's all original etc. I also record when they are sold with price and purchaser listed. Additionally, any time the gun leaves my possession (like for custom or repair work) I note precisely when it left and when it returned, as well as the cost of the work done. Lastly, when I go shooting every gun taken is recorded with the exact number of rounds fired and if any malfunctions were experienced. Including the cause of the problem if I know it. Am I the only obsessed "gun nut" doing this? I doubt it, in fact there's probably some reading this that make my efforts look crude.


Bob S. said...

I don't have a log (yet).

I do record the model, caliber and serial number of every firearm I obtain in a memo on my field.

I also scan the receipt of every firearm I can then email it to myself at my gmail account.

That way if some no-law knowing law enforcement officer wants me to provide proof of ownership; it is just a computer or phone connection to that account away.

Maybe I need to get a little more formal in my efforts.

Owen T said...

Mine sounds very similar to yours except I note between standard and extra pressure (+P) ammo.

Lokidude said...

Your log is far more in depth than mine. I simply have make, model, serial number, and "disposition." (On loan, at the smith, etc.) Basically enough for the police or the insurance company if I need to file a report or claim.

Cornholio said...

I just keep track by serial #, when they come and go and who I sell them to.

Guffaw in AZ said...

I used to.
I had a small collection of 50+ firearms.
Photos, serial numbers, detailed descriptions (i.e. added amb-safety and night sights).
Kept the receipts in a separate file.
Disposition: sold, traded for, etc.
Now, I have two in the collection, no rememberance needed.

Wilson said...

I’m sure a lot of gun owners have some way of keeping track of it all, some simpler and others even more convoluted than my own. One regular reader (that wishes to remain anonymous) emailed me saying he was “obsessive/compulsive” on the subject and made my own efforts look childish. He was using spreadsheets and keeping track of all manner of minutia, including ammunition brand names, types, bullet weights, ammo lot number and even the temperature when he was shooting. The older I get I think Guffaw might have the right idea (although I don’t believe he had a choice in the matter), the less guns you have the less trouble. Fewer guns, fewer to keep track of, that might not be a bad idea.

Murphy's Law said...

Mine are all logged on 3x5 cards that are stored separate from the guns. Serial number, description, any distinguishing marks, and when sold, who to.

Wilson said...

Interesting Murphy. When I first started I wrote all my info in a bound book, but after a few years started putting it on the computer and have never looked back…

Anonymous said...

i have receipts for many guns
and pictures annotated with serial numbers but i hsave learned that any evidence you have to CYA can also be used against you.

So I minimize my notes.
And I damn sure don't trust google ( a fanatical liberal organization) access to my data.