Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AR Update

Lately I have been spending some money improving my "Bush & Wesson" AR-15 so I thought it was time for an update. Originally I had planned to mount a red dot sight on this rifle, probably a C-more, EOTech or Aimpoint. But recently I purchased another 5.56 (a separate post coming up soon) and decided to put the red dot on it and mount a scope to this AR-15. I really didn't want to spend too much on the scope or mount, eventually I went with a Millett DMS along with a LaRue Tactical scope mount and rings. I purchased the scope when it was on sale at Midway so the mount actually cost more than the scope. This was my first purchase from LaRue and I am very impressed with the material and craftsmanship of their product. Even if I decide to upgrade my scope I don't think I will ever need to change the mount. The Millet scope is also quite nice and is a good buy at the price. If you are wondering it is made in China and that's the reason they can keep the cost down, I have no doubt an American made scope of this quality would easily be double (maybe triple) the price. The scope is a 1-4x variable power with a very practical illuminated "donut - dot" reticle. It also has clear glass with little distortion and good eye relief. It's a little heavy for the size but overall a quality scope at a decent price. Everything that I read about them on the net said they were rugged and a good value, and that is my initial impression too, but only time will tell. I do need to get it to the range this year to zero it in and see how it actually performs.

I probably won't do much more to this rifle, I might upgrade the trigger, the stock S&W is okay but there is definitely room for improvement. I was also thinking of changing to a standard fixed stock. This adjustable one I don't ever use except fully extended and it has a rattle that is already starting to bother me. I never really intended to put too much money into this project and I believe that I am quickly reaching that point. But I've decided to put a few hundred more rounds through it before making anymore changes, if I make them at all.

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