Monday, May 14, 2012

Spambot philosopher

Probably like me, a lot of you that blog get inundated with spam comments, those spambots ceaselessly toiling to enlighten me on the latest cures for hair loss or sexual dysfunction, or the newest way I can make a boatload of money working at home. Fortunately, Blogger's anti-spambot- bot never sleeps and it is a very rare instance when they let one get through. Anti- spambot- bot rounds up and confines all these errant comments to a holding cell, waiting for me to either approve them or flush them down the virtual toilet. That is where most go although occasionally one will briefly grab my attention before it's banished to the void of internet nothingness. It seems in the never ending struggle against their foe the spambots try to fool the enemy into thinking that their words were, you know, actually wrote by an actual person. Some efforts come out better than others and from time to time spambot makes sense in its own surreal way, even if in truth it doesn't really know what it's jabbering on about. Shown for example is this recent comment that discusses our national political situation.

But which are the sources of these clashes? I think several factors might cause conflict in US system of separated institutions sharing power. Among them are generally constitutional ambiguities, different constituencies, various terms of office, divided party control in the different branches, and fluctuating support of a president or the Congress. rebuild trust in politicians by being open about expenses and holding regular surgeries around the constituency and (Link removed).

Since spambot never stops talking it's inevitable that it will be right some of the time, although it would have been much more impressive if the comment was in a political post I made and not about a gun that I recently purchased. Nonetheless, when it discusses politicians and "surgeries" - as in cutting big bloody hunks off (think Civil War era battlefield amputations), I can't help but believe spambot might be on to something.

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