Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The latest meme

This is the latest meme roaming around the internetz, I thought to play too. I spent a few years traveling the highways of these United States as a truck driver and that is how I got to see most of the country. I've seen all the lower 48 with the exception of the three states tucked up in the northeast corner. As you can see from the large amount of red, most of my travels only gave me a cursory look at this beautiful nation, I never got to stay in one place too long. But I did get to see much of the scenic beauty of the countryside and I'll always remember it fondly. Some states (in green) I did visit much more often. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few there that might remember my face if not my name. Looking at the map again, I find it ironic that I've been to Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Jersey City and The Bronx more than Lexington KY, a city only about 75 miles from where I have lived most my life.

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