Friday, June 15, 2012

Gone shooting - decisions

I went shooting again at the local range this morning. I certainly prefer going to the private land I have access to (even though it cost more with gas), unfortunately it is some distance from me and to go there requires a good part of the day. If I only have an hour or two to spare the public range is the only place to go.

Today I took my Danshway again. Once more it got cleaned beforehand and my brother (who is more mechanically inclined) also took a look at it. He tinkered with the extractor some and thought it might help. I also took his (and several others) suggestion and tried running some hotter ammo thru it. The pistol definitely performed much better this time although it still had a couple malfunctions. It's a lot better but I'm not sure I want to put anymore money or effort into this gun.

I also brought along my SW990L .45 Auto because I'm considering selling it too. If I'm not going to carry it I will just have to let it go. I don't need more range only toys. Today, just like last time, it functioned perfectly. I put 100 rounds (50 ball & 50 hollowpoints) through it without a single glitch. This pistol is well made, completely reliable, and would certainly make a great choice for carrying. Just can't decide if I want it or not. I will probably have at least one more range session with it before deciding.

Decisions, decisions!

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