Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 - The year in Guns

For 2011 I don't have the intention of buying many guns (like that mattered) and only have three that I really want to get. This year I want to buy another Ruger .22 semi-auto pistol (wish I hadn't sold mine a few years ago) and a light weight 10/22 carbine to complement the heavy barrel target model I already own. Since this year is also the 100th anniversary of the model 1911 pistol I am also thinking of buying another, this time an adjustable sight target model which is the only kind not represented in my collection. Then I've wanted a .357 Magnum lever action rifle (or maybe pistol?) for a while now. I keep flip flopping on that one, can't seem to make up my mind on it. Then there are the what I like to call the "Good deal" guns, if I see any of these for sale at a reasonable price I would probably have to get it even though I certainly don't need it. Another M1A - a Garand in .308 - a Manurhin MR73 revolver - and of course any S&W N Frame .357 at a "bargain" price. Of course all of this also doesn't take into account any other "deal" you might run into at a gun or pawn shop, or at a gun show, guns you suddenly discover that you "had to have." But mainly my plan for this year is to spend much more on ammunition than guns, I don't see prices going anywhere but up and I won't have a repeat of 2009. That year, because of a shortage and nationwide buying panic I actually had guns that I had no ammo for. That will not be happening to me again!

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