Sunday, March 07, 2010

Shooting, finally

Finally went shooting yesterday, the first time this year! We've had a long winter that I thought was never going to end, and it might not be over yet, but the weather did break long enough so that I could get some much needed shooting therapy! Only took two guns with me, my "new" Colt Python and my HK USP 45. First up was the Colt...As expected the Colt was flawless! One very fine trigger wrapped up in a gorgeous package! Today I decided that I wasn't going to worry about "target" accuracy but more the "real life" accuracy potential the revolver had. All shooting done was at 10 yards (30ft), using a Weaver stance and firing double action only. Ammunition used was Magtech 158gr soft points. The group above shows the result, a 6 ¾ inch spread with one called flyer, and even the flyer would have hit my target in the "family jewels". Using a USPSA/IPSC target approximately 75% of my hits were in the "A" and the rest in the "C" zone (and the one aforementioned flyer that was in the "D"). My shooting seemed to be slightly off to the left. I would have adjusted the sight but I forgot my screwdriver. I'll just have to get it next time. The Colt is a great handling and performing revolver and I am very impressed. As good as it is I am sure that I can get even better with more trigger time. This Python is everything that I thought (and hoped) it would be.Next up was the HK. I took the Heckler Koch along today because I haven't yet decided if I am going to keep it or not. I really like the gun a lot, it certainly performs well, I can't deny that, but there are other issues. For one are the magazines, I've been looking since I bought the gun and so far I haven't been able to find the 12 round magazines for less that $50 each. As far as I am concerned that's a pretty high tariff for semi-auto pistol mags. I like to have a minimum of 5 magazines for any pistol that I own, and that along with the price of other accessories means a considerable investment in this gun should I decide to keep it and I am not sure if I want to make that investment.

But back to the shooting, how does it shoot? Great - In a single word. This time I fired mostly ball ammo thru the HK and like the Python all shooting was done at 10 yards (30ft) using a Weaver stance. The pistol fires dead center (if a little low for me) and produced a nice group measuring right at 7 inches. Today I thought less of accuracy and made a concerted effort to fire as fast as I could get back on the target, I think the results are very good considering that this was not slow, aimed fire. Certainly the results are more than enough for a carry gun. About 70% of the hits being in the "A" and the other 30% in the "C". Reliability was perfect, not one hiccup. As I said earlier most of the rounds fired were 230gr FMJ but I did use 20 rounds of various hollow points that were mixed in randomly. Performance of this German wondergun was extraordinary. I must admit that right now I am leaning towards keeping it.

All told a great day, great weather and some great shooting guns!


Daniel Jones said...

I love the Python. I want to shoot one very badly, but because of the rarity it is hard to find one at all.

Wilson said...

You can still find them, unfortunately the prices keep going up and up!