Saturday, July 09, 2011

The summer doldrums

I have several gun related projects I need to do but haven't. I keep putting them off for one reason or another, some good reasons, but mostly though I just seem to be in a funk lately. The hot and muggy summer weather doesn't help either. I wanted to put some back-up sights on my MSAR and zero them in for a while now. Haven't got around to it yet. I have a M1A Bush model that I bought last year, still sits untested in my safe. Recently bought a second M1A too, it's sitting next to the first. I also purchased a new .45 pistol a few weeks ago. Would be nice to try it out some time. All would make great blog fodder if I ever get around to it. I guess I'll just have to make myself or I'm going to wake up and find the whole summer wasted.

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