Saturday, August 20, 2011

The King is dead!

I'm talking about that plastic face goon that has been haunting television sets (and my nightmares) for several years now. Burger King has finally decided to give their creepy laminated spokesman the pink slip. About time. I don't know what marketing genius came up with the idea to begin with, whoever he was he should be flipping burgers now instead of selling them. I rarely eat at BK and their mascot with his lifeless eyes and unnerving smile sure didn't inspire me to go more often. Mostly he just freaked me out. Spent most his time just silently skulking about, frightening adults and especially kids. So long, scary disturbing whopper man!


DES said...

I am so glad he's going. That guy is a perv!!!

Bluer said...

There food is bad enough and king weirdo is the cherry on top!