Sunday, August 21, 2011

Maybe, possibly

The internet is ablaze right now with talk of Beretta's entry into the who can make the smallest pocket 9mm race, the Nano. It looks like a practical design but until the specs and reviews are out I'm holding judgment. I've been thinking about getting a light pocket 9 for a while now to supplement (or maybe completely replace) my lightweight J-Frame. 6 or 7 rounds of 9mm +P are better than 5 rounds of .38+P. Of those currently on the market I gave the Walther PPS the most serious look. It had what I wanted above all from a pocket gun, to be light and very slim, although it had other features I didn't like. From the photos I've seen the Nano is comparable in weight and might even be smaller than the Walther. But I am not in any hurry. I've still got plenty of time before I have to spend any money, time to read the reviews and see what early owners say. My pocket guns rarely get used except in the hottest summer months of July and August. So I've still got at least until spring of next year before I make a decision. The new Beretta also seems fairly priced at $475.00 and says "MADE IN USA" on the side, which doesn't hurt either. A lot of posters are commenting on how ugly they think the Nano is, certainly no uglier than any Glock ever made. And speaking of Glock it's a good thing they don't seem particularly interested in making a pocket 9mm with a single column magazine. Undoubtedly they would end this interesting contest overnight.


Cornholio said...

This pistol looks interesting to me but I never buy a new gun when they're new-new. I wait a minimum of 6 months to let the company get the bugs out first.

Montie said...

The Nano looks about as Glockish as possible without actually being a Glock.