Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cheap Glock

You probably didn't think I owned a Glock did you? Well I've owned several over the years and this is my current one. I wouldn't have bought this one except it was so cheap that I couldn't turn it down. Used Glocks are likely the best bargain on the handgun market right now. Great quality pistol at a low price. If you are not really a "gun person" you could get a used Glock cheap and it would be all you ever need, it certainly would last you a lifetime. I got this 17 very lightly used, in fact if I had to bet I would say that the original owner put 1 box of ammo thru it and never touched it again. It was a little dirty but there isn't a mark or wear on it anywhere. I got it so cheap that I could buy a few factory hi-cap magazines and a nice holster for it and still not have $500 invested. I didn't really want another Glock and I didn't really need another 9mm pistol but I would have to been a fool to turn down such a deal. And who knows in a few years this might prove to be a better investment than gold.

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