Friday, March 12, 2010

wilsonblogclassic® Originally posted Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In the history of television there have been many memorable moments throughout the years. In the last 6+ decades of TV we as a collective viewing audience have vicariously partaken in many unforgettable events, yet some remain more unforgettable than others. Perhaps Astronaut Neil Armstrong's televised stroll on the surface of the moon July 20th 1969 immediately comes to your mind. Or maybe President Nixon's scandalous and abrupt departure from the White House on August 9th 1974 remains forever ingrained in your memory. Possibly the assorted melodrama that was the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings of 1991 still linger with you. These were all to one degree or another memorable, they were all without doubt historic, but that doesn't necessarily make them great TV viewing.No, one of the greatest TV viewing moments took place exactly six months ago today, a moment that will certainly continue to entertain and inspire for years to come. On the night of Monday, October 22nd 2007, there spontaneously occurred a single crystalline instant that will forever remain indelibly burned into the consciousness of every mesmerized viewer who witnessed it. All who watched this incredible event beheld a simultaneously entertaining, frightening, dramatic and ultimately uplifting moment that most likely will never be repeated again. A moment that will remain forever in our memory as long as we live. I am of course referring to lovely Marie Osmond's near death experience on Dancing With The Stars.Picture it, Marie, everyone's favorite singing, dancing, doll designing Osmond was competing on a live nationally televised dance program. The night began routinely enough with Marie and her dancing partner Jonathan Roberts performing a spicy Samba. Marie and Jonathan had just finished their performance and were waiting for the judge's scores. Marie was obviously winded but in good spirits and even light heartedly taunted Judge Bruno Tonioli. Then as Judge Len Goodman began his critique it happened. At this point Marie was still out of breath, undoubtedly more than she should have been. The sound of her labored breathing was quickly drowning out both Goodman's pretentious blather and the audience's commotion. Suddenly without any warning she dropped like the proverbial stone, the television's audio giving us the most significant warning of the seriousness of what had just happened. We heard the fall! A substantial and resounding thud that told all watching that this was no joke! Before a stunned live studio audience and countless millions of TV viewers at home Marie had completely collapsed and now lay lifeless on the floor! Jonathan and the program's host Tom Bergeron both immediately came to her aid, at this point Bergeron had the good sense to cut to a commercial. Behind the scenes there would be a few very tense and anxious moments. Marie, visibly shaken, was helped back to her feet. Still unsteady and despite what had just happened, Marie was still thinking more of her fans and the audience than her own health. Only back on her feet for a few short moments she thoughtfully tried to reassure everyone that she was okay, even giving a brief curtsy before she was led off stage. When the program returned from the commercial break the viewers were directed backstage where Marie was being interviewed by Samantha Harris. Visibly better but still somewhat shaken and now obviously feeling deep embarrassment over her collapse on live national TV, Marie tried to offer at least some explanation of what everyone had just witnessed by stating: "Once in a while that happens to me when I get winded and I… I stop breathing… I'm so sorry" which she punctuated with a nervous giggle. Yes, incredibly, Marie actually apologized for nearly killing herself, for working to the point of total exhaustion and for jeopardizing her own health!But then came the most astounding part, the most phenomenal part, the part that makes this truly worth remembering and genuinely inspiring. The show went on! Marie went on! She just picked herself up, little trooper that she is, and just went on! No the judges didn't give her the best score. No she didn't end up winning the big contest, but she went on anyway. She could have quit, others had and probably no one would have blamed if she had. But she didn't quit, she came back, and she came back week after week after week and did her very best. Marie continued to put her whole self into every performance, just as she had done before her fall. She worked her little rear end off to not only win the competition but to entertain the millions of viewers watching and it clearly showed every time she was up on that stage. Despite everything that had happened she was doing her best not only for herself but also not to disappoint her many fans and the television viewers. Her spunky determinedness had become an inspiration for us all, and it should be!GOD BLESS YOU MARIE OSMOND! You have shown us through your resolve and courageousness just how people should act. How people should be. If all of us could only all be more like you the world would most certainly be a better place for it! You have lit a lamp to show us the way, to show us how all people should perform under the most trying of conditions. Your message transcends all peoples, religions and societies!




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