Thursday, February 10, 2011

Movie Reviews - Let Me In - revisited

After watching it again I must admit my original review of Let Me In last October was probably a little harsh. The film was just recently released on DVD and after another viewing I can now appreciate it much more. Part of my problem was my high expectations for this new version compared to the original Let the Right One In. I was hoping that I would find this retelling just as touching, horrifying and breathtaking as that first film and I'm sure my disappointment affected my review. I stand by my statement that the original is the better film but this version can be appreciated on its own merit. Let Me In is an excellent horror movie, Let the Right One In is poetry. Last time I also failed to mention the remarkable soundtrack by Michael Giacchino, a huge omission on my part. His score does an incredible job of conveying the many moods of this production and he makes everything from the absolute dread to the beautifully tender moments that make up this film come alive. In my earlier review I would have given this a solid B but after seeing it again thru less jaundiced eyes I now feel it deserves an A–. Let Me In is not perfect but certainly much better than the typical Hollywood assembly line garbage, and definitely worth seeing.

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Lauryn Purtee said...

Some people say that this movie mostly exhibits love rather than horror. Actually, there are only a few bloody scenes! In fact, the word "vampire" is only said once in the film. The most striking scene was when Abby entered Owen's house without his permission. Blood pumped out of her body. It portrays one mythical saying that a homeowner should verbally allow a monster (or a vampire) to enter the house before it can do so. If not, then the creature will die.