Friday, February 04, 2011

Window shopping

Went to my local funshop today and they finally got in two rifles that I have wanted to check out for a while now, the Kel-Tec RFB and the FN SCAR 17. After getting it in my hands I must say that the FN is very nice, I liked the ergonomics of it and I really liked the sights. The only thing I wasn't happy with was the polymer lower, which made the rifle seem cheap to me for some reason. But it's not cheap, cost or quality wise. FN has an excellent reputation for good reason and I am sure this rifle would give its owner many years (probably a lifetime) of dependable service. It is irrelevant anyway as the $2898.00 price tag is well beyond my price range. The SCAR is an exceptional rifle but I don't see one in my future. Next up was the Kel-Tec and I was also impressed with the little powerhouse. When I first walked into the store I saw it lined up on the wall next to a few full sized M1A rifles and looking at it there it was hard to believe it was even legal to own (without a tax stamp). Man is it short! I also liked the way the RFB handled and despite having a lot of plastic in its construction seemed solid and felt "right." It doesn't have sights and one thing that was obvious while holding it was the need for a high mount for whatever optics you would put on it. The RFB is certainly an interesting rifle and unlike anything else out there. The Kel-Tec is much less expensive and I could afford it, but not right now, but I can dream can't I?


Jason said...

I handled a RFB last weekend at the Fun Store and immediately set about contemplating what I would need to do to raise the funds to acquire one. Pretty damn cool and amazingly compact.

Wilson said...

Yes the RFB is great, but I would have to wonder what that the muzzle blast would be like? FUN TIMES!