Friday, February 18, 2011

Product review - Raptor charging handle

When I took my MSAR rifle shooting last time I noted on this blog the only real problem I had with the gun, the charging handle. The factory handle is tiny and sits very close and just under (and at a 45 degree angle to it) the top rail, that creates issues for the user. What happens to me, and I assume many other MSAR owners, is that when you mount a larger scope or optical sight because of the design of the factory handle you will scrape your hand against that sight every time you pull the bolt back. In my case the rifle experienced numerous malfunctions (early on) and within 10 minutes of starting I had scraped my knuckles across the big Tasco sight I was using so many times that my first knuckle on the hand was split open and bleeding. Not good and not necessary. I must not be the only person with this problem as Manticore Arms already has the solution ready to ship right to your door. The solution is their Raptor charging handle. Their oversized unit is nearly twice the size as the factory one and it angles out horizontally from your rifle making it much more convenient to use. The Raptor seemed expensive when I ordered it, $30 for a small piece of plastic and a roll pin, but if it worked as claimed I knew it was worth the price and I would be happy. I am very happy. Before, pulling back the charging handle on my MSAR required considerable effort and caution and I found that there was only a couple of ways I could hold the rifle and make it work for me without hitting my hand. Now with the Raptor I can pull back the bolt effortlessly and from any position. I tried numerous ways and they all worked easily and without pain. When I first experienced the problem my thought was to go with a smaller red dot (was looking for a reason to buy a Aimpoint Micro anyway) but now that is completely unnecessary. The problem was cured and the price nominal (compared to a new sight). The Raptor works as advertised, is easy to install in just a few minutes time and will make your rifle much more user friendly. In my book that makes the Raptor a very good value.

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