Saturday, August 28, 2010

3 Years Today!

Although I've only been on blogspot since March today marks my 3 year anniversary of blogging. Originally I had the idea that my blog would only be gun related posts but that only lasted a few months. Soon I became bored with that and started writing about all my other interests. Guns are still a big part of wilsonblog but since I've been blogging about anything that comes to mind I have been a lot happier, and I think my blog is a lot better too...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

People with guns collection # 28

From my own personal collection!"Curio Week 'GUNGIRL!'

Hollywood Calif, Becomingly dressed for the job, pretty Jane Easton will serve as 'Miss Curio' during National Curio Week, October 12-18. Sponsored by the Southern California Arms Collectors Association, the week is intended to stimulate interest in antiques and curios and demonstrate their influence on modern home decoration and commercial designing, as Jane points out with these curio-decorated glasses, featuring an 'Old Gun' pattern. Miss Curio is holding an 18th Century English flintlock pistol and the gun case contains a collection of small cartridge models dating from 1875.
" October 1952

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Movie Reviews - Children of Men

Next up on the Apocalypse parade was Children of Men starring Clive Owen and Julianne Moore. The movie is set in Great Britain in the dystopian future of 2027 where England is a fascist state and the worst thing you can be is an immigrant. For some unknown reason women can no longer have children and it has been 18 years since the last baby was born. Owen plays an everyman that must help the only known pregnant woman escape the country. Children of Men is a good movie and I certainly have nothing bad to say about it, but it is one of those films that after you watch it once you probably won't ever want to see it again. This is one that you'll want to rent or buy very cheaply as I doubt you will watch it twice.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Give till it hurts...

Average Joe has a great post about a very worthy cause. I just sent them some money and I encourage everyone reading this to go on over and donate too. Even if just a dollar every little bit helps and these heroes need it...

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Movie Reviews - The Signal

After watching The Signal I must say that it's a weird one. I'm giving it a marginally positive review and would say if you're a big horror fan to definitely see it. The story is about a TV broadcast which causes the people that watch it to turn into raging homicidal maniacs and then proceed to bash each other's skulls in with blunt objects and/or hack each other to pieces with sharp ones. The film is actually 3 short films with 3 different directors and each has its own feel, although the same characters are used throughout. There is a lot of horror and suspense, and then you throw in a little black comedy and mix it up with some soap opera domestic dispute and this is what you get. Not great but certainly enjoyable enough.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Seven Point Six Two

I have only one more major gun purchase that I am planning this year. I would like a semi .22 pistol but I already have several nice .22s and don't really need another. What I do need though is a 7.62 semi rifle and I have needed one for a long while now. Originally I had just planned to buy another Springfield M1A since I've owned two before and I already have some accessories. But then I decided to take a look at all my options. I am now looking at several different guns including the M1A, some of the less expensive AR-10 models and I also like the RFB although Kel-Tec has had it out over a year and they are still apparently trying to get all the bugs out. I don't plan to purchase a rifle right away, as long as it is before the end of the year. I am in no rush. Just trying to consider all the options here. My criteria 7.62 NATO - Detachable 20 Round Box Mag - Carbine length - And an absolute max price of 2k. Of course little things like reliability and value for the money would be good to. There is the Springfield scout, they also have the SOCOM models but I prefer the full length gas system. Then there is the RFB, AR-10 brands like DPMS and Armalite and I am sure there are others I haven't considered. I am looking for comments from owners here, good or bad, about the aforementioned rifles and any other you think are worth considering. THANKS!