Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Gone Shooting - Colt 45 Day

I went to the shooting range again Monday morning. The weather was great and the crowd was light.

There were three Colt 1911 type pistols (all in .45ACP) that I decided to take. I haven't shot them very much this year and I'm definitely a little rusty.

I took my 1953 Government Model (top right). That's the one I actually carried for several years. I paid good money to upgrade the stock sights and then stopped carrying it shortly after. It has a larger fixed back sight and a Novak gold bead front, installed with a dovetail cut. It's definitely the easiest to shoot of the three. If I ever go back to carrying a 1911 it will be the one.

The second pistol (lower right) is another Government Model made in 1978. It's the first Colt 45 I ever bought and cost me the grand sum of $375.00 in 1991. I could've bought a brand new Colt for only a little more, the budget priced 1991 Model had just been introduced, but I decided to go with this used 70 Series. It didn't have the additional firing pin safety and this pistol was so much prettier with its polished blue finish. The 1991 had an ugly plain black finish and plastic trigger. I made the mistake of selling this Colt a couple years after I bought it to finance some other gun I've completely forgotten. Fortunately I knew who had it. Years later I was able to get it back and won't make that mistake again. FREE ADVICE - Don't ever sell a gun unless you are 110% absolutely positively sure. Nowadays this pistol is mostly a safe queen (along with another 70 Series my dad gave me) but I decided it needed to be shot. It has been years.

The third pistol (left) is a steel frame Colt Commander made in 1977. I first bought it in 2015 and took it shooting back in the spring. Last trip I only put some ball ammo through it and wanted to try out some hollowpoints this time, but I forgot to bring them. It's always something.