Friday, July 21, 2017

A Short Long Term Product Review - Streamlight

A post by The Displaced Louisiana Guy on Streamlight's excellent products and warranty inspired me to do one of my own. I have been using a Streamlight for years now but didn't realize how long it had actually been. After his post I checked my Amazon purchase history and got a surprise, five years! Today I have owned and used the Streamlight ProTac 2L for five full years without a single issue.

I have carried and also used it nearly every day of the week since then, typically about 1-2 minutes at a time. In those five years I have dropped it 10-15 times (usually on concrete) and have run it through half a washing machine cycle twice. It still functions perfectly. I'm on my third set of batteries.

My only complaint would be the switch to get the strobe to function which has to be pressed a certain way to get it to work. After all these years I still can't get the light to do it when I'm in a hurry, but then I've never tried very hard to master it either.

I own three other Streamlight products and have yet to buy a bad one. Streamlight - a great product with value for your money. Highly recommended!