Sunday, February 24, 2013

People with guns collection # 56

"LOS ANGELES: Jack Webb (R) now producing, directing, and starring in Universal TV's 'Dragnet 1966' receives his old police revolver and badge 714 from Los Angeles Police Chief William H. Parker. In 1958 when Webb stopped production of his 'Dragnet' series, he turned his revolver and badge over to Parker. In the new show, to be released over NBC-TV this fall, Webb will portray Joe Friday, the same character he made famous in his old show." 2/28/66

Color Dragnet was one of my favorite TV shows growing up, ever! I could (and still can) watch reruns of it over and over again. For me there was just something mesmerizing about unwavering 1950s police detective Joe Friday fighting crime with a psychedelic 1960s L.A. as the backdrop. The Hippies and the Squares, the old vs. the new, a city at war with itself, and one dedicated cop caught in the middle of it all. It was epic.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Things to do ...

Here are some of the things I'm doing with my money in 2013 and I suggest you do too.

What I won't be doing - SAVING - your money will soon be worth much less and eventually will be worth nothing. Don't bother saving it. Yes, have a bit of cash on hand for the short term emergences, but "invest" the rest in real goods. Putting it away in savings is a fool's game.

What I will be using my money for this year ...

1) Paying off debt.

2) Investing in food - you can buy a ten pound bag of rice for $8 right now or the same amount of beans for only a few dollars more. You can easily feed yourself for $40 a month, or less than that if you willing to grind your own wheat. It is boring to live on, no doubt, but will keep you alive and at a low cost. You should also buy other foods as supplements though, flour, pastas, sauces, canned meats, vegetables and fruits, will break up the monotony of your basic diet. There are any number of things that are still relatively inexpensive and can be stored away for a long time. Buy now before prices skyrocket.

3) Investing in lead - ammunition - buy as much as you can when you can. Some might even consider buying ammo for guns they don't have but I advise to just stay with calibers you can use yourself.

4) Investing in silver - I like "junk silver" and when I buy spend most of my money on Mercury dimes or Walking Liberty and/or Franklin half dollars. They are small in size and good for lesser purchases. Unlike newer Washington quarters and Roosevelt dimes the aforementioned coins were only available in silver and are easily recognized as such even by people that know little about the subject.

5) Investing in steel - guns - even now with the current mania it still is possible to find bargains. There are many affordable guns out there that are not the "newest bestest thing," keep your eyes open for quality guns at reasonable prices. Buy now to sell or barter with later, or you might have to give one to a friend in need. Although any gun might do, personally I would concentrate on common calibers, "hunting" or "militia" type rifles and handguns good for self-defense or concealed carry being the best choices. Quality .22LR handguns and long guns will always have a market too. For me I would much rather spend my extra money on this than on the 1% interest (if you're lucky) you're going to get on your savings account.

If I know my regular readers this is all old news to them, or at least I hope it is. For those of you already doing these things, keep them up. For those that haven't really started, get going, time is running short!

Monday, February 04, 2013

New Banner

I decided that wilsonblog needed a new banner, one more fitting with the times. I hope you like it.