Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - Bittersweet

Another year is gone and 2012 was full of highs and lows for me. It started off bad when Dad passed away. I spent most of the earlier part of this year in a depressed haze. Looking back at my posts for 2012 I honestly don't remember making many of those in the first half of the year. It was a long dark tunnel but finally I saw some light about halfway through the summer. Obama's re-election was also a low point. I never was a Romney fan but even he was a preferable alternative to who we have in office. I had no delusions that Romney was going to save this country but I thought that maybe he could slow this train some before it came off the rails. I must admit that the election shook me up quite a bit. I just can't look at my country and its future, or American voters in general, in the same light again.

But 2012 had some bright spots too. My book being my personal one. I never thought my self-published novel would make me a millionaire. My only hope was that it would earn its money back, if it made a little profit that would be a pleasant surprise. To date my book sales has far surpassed all my expectations. I've sold over 5,000 copies to date. It also gave me a hope I didn't dare dream but now looks like it could be possible one day, being able to support myself doing the thing I love, writing. My book also introduced me to a new pastime for writers that I had no idea existed until I published my own, checking my Amazon book sales stats eleven-gazillion times each day!

For 2013 I have another book coming out. If it sells as well as my first book I might fulfill another dream I've had for a while, buying me some acreage out in the country somewhere.

Other than that I see 2013 as a continuation of 2012 for me, saving, paying off bills, and preparing for an unknown future. Just trying to hang on and praying the world does too. For all the readers of wilsonblog, I hope you reach your personal goals next year and have a great 2013!

The guns of 2012 ... and 2013

In 2012 I sold a lot more guns than I bought. In 2011 I continued selling off my collectable guns, the ones that were just taking up space in my gun safe. A few months ago I sold the last of my once mighty Smith & Wesson wheel gun collection. All of my revolvers with model numbers are now gone except for a very few that actually do get used occasionally. I'm keeping my pre model number guns although I did sell two pre-war .357 Magnums this year. The five and four inch guns are gone but don't feel too sorry for me because another 3 ½-inch (this one engraved) somehow found its way to my safe! I'll always have some antiques in my collection, I love them too much, but I can't justify so many guns that sat unused. I have enjoyed collecting antiques for many years but it was time to move on.

I also inherited some guns from Dad early in the year. That was another reason to sell some of the ones I wasn't using. I just didn't have room for everything! His taste in firearms ran more towards classics and among his guns that now reside in my safe include two early post war Winchesters, a Model 70 in .30-06 and a 97 shotgun, as well as a Belgian made Browning Hi Power.

Most of my actual gun purchases this year were for more modern and practical firearms, the SCAR 17S being my largest purchase for 2012. I also bought two complete S&W AR-15 lowers as cheap insurance before the election. Of course all of those were when they could still be found at reasonable prices, or found at all.

As for the coming year I don't have any 'must have' guns. In fact the only big 'gun' purchases I'm planning for 2013 are optics. As to actual guns in '13 I don't have many I'm looking for, a Ruger take down 10/22 and another Mark II pistol are both on the short list. I'll probably build up at least one of the AR lowers I bought when prices come back down. I really wanted a Kel-Tec KSG and have for a long while now. After finally getting to handle one earlier this year I only wanted it more. But I am not willing to pay the asking price let alone play the Kel-Tec waiting game. For the cost of one KSG you could buy two nice Remington 870s and a lot of ammo. I don't see me ever owning one unless the prices drop way under 'suggested' retail.

I didn't go shooting much this year either, no where near as much as I wanted to. I barely kept in practice with my carry guns. I say this every year but I do plan to go shooting a lot more in 2013.

Finally, I expect that ammunition will be my biggest expenditure for 2013, I will continue to stockpile as long as I can afford it. I recommend you do the same, if for no other reason than to keep ahead of inflation.
EDIT: Bonus photo!

Parade of hypocrites (NSFW)

My personal feeding frenzy

I have been shooting most of my life; I've 'officially' been a gun owner for over 25 years. I lived through the 1994 gun ban as well as the 2008 pre-obama buying frenzy. You might think that I wouldn't be caught off guard this time; you might think I learned my lesson already. Well, I wasn't, and I did, for the most part.

For this most recent gun buying apocalypse I was sitting pretty. Long before the last election I had all that I needed (except ammo, can't ever have enough ammo), and then I bought my SCAR 17S. I was smart enough to start buying magazines immediately, and then it began. Prices skyrocketed overnight.

When I finally counted them up I had nine mags for my SCAR but that just didn't seem right to me. So the other day I bought one more to give me an even ten. It cost me exactly double what I paid for the others just a few weeks ago. With that extravagant purchase I don't need another thing (again, except more ammo).

I'm glad I could make my own contribution to this historic event, the most ridiculous display of fear purchasing and fear mongering I have ever witnessed in all my years as a gun owner. Now, can we get back to normalcy, there are some guns I want to buy at the old prices. I certainly don't need them but would like to have them, if you panic buyers and profiteers would just get out of my way.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Not for sale

I've been sitting here looking at my SCAR 17S rifle. It's hard to believe that they are now selling for nearly triple what I paid for mine less than a month ago. The magazines are going for four times what I paid just two weeks ago. I guess timing is everything. All this panic buying and general insanity over an 'Assault Weapon' ban that has almost zero chance of happening.

I guess I can understand it a bit. I got caught off guard during the Clinton era ban and overpaid for some items too. I had only been into guns a few years then and not into 'Black' guns at all. I remember paying $200 for a stripped AR-15 receiver when just before that you could pick them up all day long for $80. There is a big difference though. When I bought that receiver it was because I wanted to build and shoot a gun that I thought I would never have another chance to own. But I'm betting a guy that pays $5000+ for a SCAR has no intention of shooting it, might not want it at all. I bet that deep down he is really hoping that some gun legislation will be passed, so he can resale later at a hefty profit. The scum would gladly give our freedoms away to make a little money.

I won't be selling mine even though I could right now and easily double my money. I made the decision to buy this rifle because it had the features I wanted. It was the best tool for the job. That hasn't changed no matter how much it's worth.

Still here ...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

People with guns collection # 54


"AND ONE MAN, WERMUTH, WAS AN ENTIRE ARMY BY HIMSELF - Capt. Arthur William Wermuth (shown with aide), one of the Battling ----------'s of Bataan, 'absolutely accounted for' at least 116 Japanese with a 45-caliber sub-machine gun. After the Japs overran Corregidor, his wife was informed he was considered missing in action. Yesterday his wife received a telegram from Maj. Gen. James A. Ulio, adjutant general of the army, which said: 'Information received indicated your husband is now a prisoner of war of the Japanese government in the Philippines.' - U.S. Army Signal Corps Photo." Dec 9 1942

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Obligatory 12/12/12 post

I couldn't find any of my news photos with a 12 theme and since we'll never see 13/13/13 how about a 13 one instead!

"JOHNSON CITY, Tenn., April 13 -- BLESSED WITH BROTHERS -- Not many little girls can claim 13 big brothers -- but that's the life of Barbara Anne Harrison. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emory Harrison, had had 14 boys before Barbara Anne was born. Here the little girl is surrounded by 10 of her brothers -- Johnny, Ray, Bob, Sam, Carmel, Houston, Gordon, Richard, Foy, and David." 4/13/1961

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Joshua News

My book Joshua has reached another milestone! A big THANK YOU to everyone that helped make it happen.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Early Christmas

I gave myself an early present this weekend when I paid off the FN SCAR 17S I've had on layaway for nearly 90 days. I originally looked at the SCAR platform when they first came out. I liked it a lot, but because of the high price and unavailability of magazines at the time I quickly gave up on the idea. Late this summer I took another look mainly because of my M1As. They're great rifles but I wanted to mount optics. If you know anything about the M14/M1A you know that mounting optics is an issue. Especially for what I wanted, that was to be able to go from a scope to red dot type sight quick and easily.

So I decided to give the SCAR another look, with its rail system the optics are so much easier to deal with and by now the prices had come down quite a bit too, by a third. Magazines, while still expensive, were at least possible to find now. It doesn't take a brain trust to figure out where this was going next. It only took me a few days to talk myself into buying one, and another week to find a store with a good price and layaway plan. Now three months later and the proud owner of a new SCAR 17S!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Everybody won!

I was the winner of the "stabby package" for the raffle to help Tam in her time of need, glad I could help out. Sure, I like winning things, as much as the next guy, but the best part of the whole situation was the people. I am proud to be part of a community that would do this, especially the organizers and those that donated prizes, they went far beyond. Me, I bought a raffle ticket, those guys they're the real heroes. All of you, give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

People with guns collection # 53

"Nov. 30 -- HIGH CALIBER TRAINING -- Israeli Women's Army drill instructor Cpl. Dina Gona, with submachine gun slung over her shoulder, gives a 15-year-old Israeli high school student instructions on how to be a soldier in the Negev Desert, Israel. A platoon of the girls are undergoing training at an army camp in Midbar Zin." Nov 30 1973

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's wishing a happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Despite the recent turn of events everyone has something to be thankful about, well except the turkey ...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Help a fellow blogger out - win prizes

Tam is having some health issues right now, unfortunately she doesn't have the insurance to pay for it. Several generous bloggers have started raffles to help her out. Go over to the link and see how to enter. You'll be giving Tam a hand and give yourself a chance at some cool stuff. Hers is one blog I have to check regularly, it's always makes me think or at least is good for a chortle or two. Please help if you can.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Joshua News - I'm # 1!

If I might be allowed to toot my own horn, this morning the Kindle version of Joshua went to the number 1 position in Men's Adventure! It was also at # 8 in Action Adventure and # 197 overall paid Kindle, that's out of approximately 1.6 million titles! No doubt the new sale price has sparked renewed interest in my book. I don't know how long this might last but it's a great feeling!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Joshua News

Today I released a new revised edition of my book Joshua. To celebrate I am offering the Kindle version for only .99 cents! This price is only good until 11/6/2012 so don't delay!

About this new "Revised" edition:

The main reason for this new revised version is because of the previous Kindle edition. Over the last seven months I have received a number of complaints about the first version, mostly concerning "missing words" but other problems too. Some reviewers simply thought I didn't proofread my material, which is far from the truth. I decided that this formatting issue was significant enough to warrant the time and expense of having it done again. Since I was doing it all over I also chose to address other issues as well. One common criticism I received was that many readers thought Joshua was too short. When originally writing it I thought the opposite, and in fact made several cuts to the original draft in an effort to shorten the book. That original material has now been put back in. There have been no substantial changes made to the story, but you will find several scenes have been extended. Since I was making changes I went ahead and re-edited the entire book once more. Those of you that have already read it will find this new version improved, and if you haven't read Joshua yet there is not a better time than right now!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

People with guns collection # 52

"WOMEN'S LIB GOES ELK HUNTING - Lyn Emagnee, Littleton, had a bull license for her first hunting trip, while husband John could shoot a cow. So what happened? You guessed it. Lyn bagged six pointer; John came home empty-handed. Elk was killed near Hahn's Peak. Photo by Charles Meyers" Oct 30 1974

Monday, October 01, 2012

Gone shooting - Fall already

I went to the range this morning, got there right when they opened and about five minutes behind the rain. I didn't let it stop me though. This is the first time I've gone shooting in over three months and I really needed the trigger time. I had planned to go shooting at least once every month this summer but of course plans don't always work out.

The main reason I went today was to get some range time with my Colt Government Model. I haven't carried it all summer and I needed the practice. I also went to try out some new self-defense ammunition I bought. It's Hornady "Critical Defense" ammo and wanted to make sure it would function in the old Colt before I began carrying it.

Function was flawless. Even though I only put three boxes through it today I've shot so many other hollowpoints through this gun I feel confident that the Hornady will work out just fine.

Despite the rain I had a good time at the range today. Hopefully it won't be another three months before I go again.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

People with guns collection # 51

"HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 1 -- TENSE MOMENT IN FILM STRIKE BATTLE -- A deputy sheriff stands with cocked pistol in his hand near a fallen fellow officer, holding back a crowd of demonstrators at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio today until the injured man could be helped to safety. The tense moment came during a clash between police officers and some 400 parading pickets who said they were ex-servicemen." Oct. 1 1946

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Spambot admirer

Spambot is one of my biggest fans. In fact I can count on Spambot to comment nearly every time I make a post! Thank you Spambot for being there for me, and for your honest criticism. You encourage me to go on.

Its like you learn my thoughts! You seem to understand so much approximately this, such as you wrote the ebook in it or something. I think that you just can do with a few % to force the message home a little bit, however other than that, this is wonderful blog. An excellent read. I will definitely be back (Link removed).

Sunday, September 23, 2012

10 Years

Ten years ago today I started my first website and became another voice shouting out from the void.

In the spring of 2002 I was attending a local technical college and took a class in web design. The instructor would give you different assignments to create some fictitious web pages. To pass the course you would have to post your homework on the real web where he could find and grade it. To do that you needed a web host. The teacher recommended Tripod and since it was free I set up an account there.

By the fall of that year the class was long over (got a B+ by the way) but I still had the account. Since it wasn't being used for school any longer I decided to use it to post some personal thoughts. At first it was just an outlet for my gun hobby, but in less than a year I started including stories on other interests I had, mostly movies and actors, but books and pop culture too. My website began as "Wilson's Gun Freedom Web Site" but went thru a few names in the next two years, finally becoming "J. Wilson's World" in 2004, which it remained until I closed it in March 2010. At that same time I also closed my Tripod blog (which I started in August '07) when I moved here looking for greener pastures. Over the years I've wrote a lot words on the web, thousands. I even wrote a novel, something I'm sure I wouldn't have done if it wasn't for the prior experience of writing for my various websites and blogs. From an innocuous 816 word opinion piece about the .38 Special to a 112,000+ word self-published novel, I didn't see that coming when I first posted ten years ago!

Here's my very first article along with my first try at gun photography, both were posted to the web at approximately 9:00 A.M. on 9/23/2002.

Cheap fun with the .38 special

Well what I'm referring to in this article is not the ammo itself, but guns chambered in the .38 special round. 38 ammunition is a little cheaper than most center fire ammo but it's not cheap enough to be considered a great bargain. The bargains I will be talking about are the bargains that can be picked up right now in the used handgun market.

There was a time when the 38 special ruled the handgun market. Most cops used 38's and when a civilian wanted a gun to defend themselves they usually picked the 38 too. Every major gun maker made a small, medium, or sometimes even a large frame 38 special. Some companies even made them in all frame sizes and could sell all that they made. From the 1920's to the early 1980's it was the golden age of the 38 special. The .357 Magnum encroached on the 38's market some starting in the 1950's but the 38 still ruled.

The demise of the 38 began in the mid 1980's when many police departments started changing over to the automatic pistol. Many civilian shooters also abandoned the 38 to go to automatics, it was felt that 6 rounds of 38 special just couldn't cut it anymore. If the cops weren't using the old antiquated 38 why should I? Many great old guns that used to be hard to keep on the shelf just were not selling in the new marketplace.

All of this history brings us to the current gun market, no one has made a large frame 38 in years and the new medium frame 38's are nearly gone too. The small frame 38's are still doing pretty well but even they are starting to lose ground to the new breed of small automatic pistols firing full power loads (9mm, 40 S&W etc.). What that leaves us is a large number of 38 special bargains floating around in the market place, many selling at very low prices. The small frame guns are holding their value the best, and the medium frame "snubbie" still sell for more than the 4 or 6 inch barrel counterparts.

The absolute best buy on the market is the medium frame 38 special with a 4 or 6 inch barrel. The Smith & Wesson model 10 (AKA Military & Police) fits this bill exactly (it is the most popular handgun in the world!) and can be picked up at bargain prices. I have seen model 10s as cheap as $100.00 (very rough finish but good mechanical condition). In my opinion this is also the very best gun you can have to defend yourself if you are the type of person who doesn't have a lot of experience with handguns or doesn't practice very much.

Just a quick look through the various pages of Auction Arms or Gunbroker and GunsAmerica have produced many old Smith & Wesson, Ruger and Colt 38s with a 4 inch barrel and in great shooting condition for under 250.00 with many under 200.00! If your primary interest is home defense or target shooting you can't go wrong with one of the 4 or 6 inch models.

My main interest in these guns are for use in carrying concealed, and while you can carry a 4 inch model concealed it is much easier with the 2 inch models. Snubbie models have held their value much better than their longer barrel brothers, and while they are more expensive than the longer barrel models they are still pretty cheap compared to the small automatics that are their main competition.

Smith and Wesson's classic Chief's Special (and other J frame models) can still be had for under 200.00 with the average for one in good used condition being around 250.00. For this price you get one of the smallest 38 revolvers ever made able to fire 5 rounds (including +P rounds in the steel frame models) as quick as you can pull the trigger in a package small enough to hide most anywhere on your person.

Another favorite is the Colt Detective Special, it is a little larger than the Smith and carries 6 rounds. The Colt prices are really starting to take off because of collectors but you can still find a good Detective model for under 300.00 if you look.

Ruger also makes several models old and new to choose from, including their great Speed and Service Six models. These are not the only makers of good 38's, there have been many fine 38's made by companies such as Taurus, Rossi, Charter Arms and several others, many great bargains can be had with these companies since these guns haven't really become part of the collectible market yet.

In summary, if you are looking for a good gun without breaking your wallet a used 38 just might be in your future.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Here's a video to help explain this insanity, it's simultaneously depressing and funny. Hang on everybody this in going to be one wild ride!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Help a guy out

A fellow blogger is having some tough times. Go on over and read about it, and if you can send him some help. Only takes a minute or two of your time.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Carry experiment

For two months I've been running a little experiment with my carry guns. Well, the experiment is over and learned some things.

For years now I've had a routine. I'm sure many others that carry a gun have the same one. For most of the year I would carry a full size self-defense pistol. I had many over the years but the one I most often used was a Colt Government Model. It was easy enough to carry and I shot it well, you couldn't ask for more than that. But it is harder to carry in the hotter months, especially when wearing lighter clothes. So, in July and August I would put the GM away and use a smaller "Summer Gun." For over a decade mine was a S&W M649 but a couple of years ago I went with an even lighter J-Frame, a 342PD.

The J-Frame Smith & Wesson is a fine weapon, reliable and easy to carry. But the capacity is limited, reloads are harder than an auto, and a 2-Inch snub is the most difficult gun to shoot accurately. Despite its charm I must say that for a while now I've wanted to upgrade to something better than my short trip "Gas station" gun. The J-Frame is not the best self-defense tool in the box, certainly better than nothing, but it is a compromise.

At the beginning of this summer I also had another problem. I had a S&W SW990L and I couldn't decide if I wanted to sell or not. Its' a great gun, completely reliable and accurate, but I didn't need another range toy and I wasn't sure I wanted to carry it. That's when the experiment came about.

I let the 342PD sit it out this summer and began carrying the SW990L. It's roughly the same size as a Colt GM (although a bit thicker) but weighed less and held one more round too. Searching through my holster box I found a IWB holster for my USP that fit the big Smith reasonably well. It wasn't perfect but was good enough to carry without being dangerous. So the experiment began.

Since mid-June I've been carrying a ten shot (9+1) .45 auto rather than my usual five shot .38. Yes, it was more difficult. No, it was not as comfortable. But it wasn't so bad that I felt it couldn't be done on a regular basis. What I've found is that I can carry a much better tool for defending myself, one that doesn't make me feel like I'm compromising my safety.

I'll be looking for a 1911 type pistol with a lightweight frame to replace my J-Frame in my carry lineup. I think it will be perfect for what I need. The SW990L will be going. It's a good gun but I already have others that do the same job and without adding more expenses I don't need. I'll keep my J-Frames though, if for sentimental reasons if nothing else. They might even see the occasional duty, but I doubt they get used on a regular basis again.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

People with guns collection # 50

Milestone time - People with Guns hits 50!

"474Th Base Photographic Section - Army Air Field - Abilene, Texas"

Preemptive edit: And NO she does not have her finger on the trigger!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cleaning day

It took me a few hours yesterday to wipe down all my revolvers. Last month I did my long guns, next month will be the semi-autos. I oil my guns twice a year and it's the only time I regret having such a large collection. Once a year (this time) I also remove the grips and apply a coat of oil underneath. I use Break-Free Collector and have for a couple years now. So far I have been very happy with the results. It's easy to use and works great! Midway has it on sale until the end of the month. I wonder what it must've been like in the olden days when my pre-war Smith & Wessons were new. Modern technology has made being a gun nut so much easier. I can just imagine trying to clean by lamplight, using Sperm whale oil ...

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Joshua news

Amazon Prime members can now read Joshua (on Kindle) for FREE! So what are you waiting for! Speaking of Amazon, if you have read my little opus I would appreciate it if you would post a review there. Or maybe you could just "Like" me!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Mini Movie Reviews

Yes, it's time for more mini movie reviews and I'll keep 'em short and sweet. I've also devised a new rating system, no more letter grade or stars. My new ratings get to the heart of the matter, is it worth your money or not!

The Artist (2011) - Wonderful silent comedy/drama written and directed by Michel Hazanavicius. It concerns two Hollywood actors at the end of the silent era, one star quickly on the rise and the other on their way down. This was a treat for me since I've enjoyed silents ever since watching old Lon Chaney horror films as a kid. Unless you just have some irrational hatred of silent movies you will love this too.


Harry Brown (2009) - Entertaining picture that proves Michael Caine is still at the top of his game. Caine plays an elderly widower living modestly in a high crime area. Criminals rule the streets and honest people are afraid to leave their homes at night. When his best friend is murdered and the police won't help he takes matters into his own hands, recalling the special skills he learned while serving in the Royal Marines.


God Bless America (2011) - Writer/Director Bobcat Goldthwait's commentary on modern America society disguised as a buddy road movie. Middle-aged man dying of cancer and an anti-social teen girl traveling across the US, killing anyone that annoys them, which apparently is nearly everyone. This is enjoyable enough, if not a little on the preachy side, even so still worth a look.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

People with guns collection # 49

"ALBANY, GA., Jan. 24 -- IKE GETS THE POINT -- As former president Eisenhower holds his gun on the ready, his hunting dog 'Rap' is on point, as they pose for this picture in the field at Blue Springs Plantation where Ike is spending a 10-day bird hunt near Albany, Ga. Ike bagged the limit today for the second day in a row." Jan. 24 1961

Friday, July 27, 2012

More of the same

It has been a week since the shooting in Colorado. I soon as I saw the first news reports I knew it would be the same old thing. There were the usual suspects. Those with their own political motives, not really caring much about the victims as long as their own agendas could be furthered. Then there were the reporters trying to be first with a new juicy tidbit, facts be damned. Before the last victims had died, before any real facts were known, there were already calls for more gun control and attempts to link this atrocity to rightwing political groups. Disgusting. I didn't watch much of the news last weekend and not much since. I knew it would be only more of the same, especially in the first few days. Hour after hour, day after day, just wild speculation and hate mongering. All I really have to say is keep those victims and their loved ones in your thoughts and prayers, and pray that you never have to know what it would be like to be in their shoes.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Memo to Hollywood

Dear Hollywood directors, producers, sound editors, whoever.

For years I have put up with your firearm inaccuracies. Guns that never have to be reloaded. Shotguns that can send a 200 pound man flying 20 feet across the room. Automobile gas tanks that can explode on contact with one magic bullet.

I've put up with these mistakes (and many others) because I know you know nothing about guns. I put up with your blunders because it's only entertainment and I shouldn't let it bother me. In certain cases, like mindless action movies, it probably even makes for a better (or at least shorter) film.

But there is a new one you're using that does bother me. In fact it's killing me. I feel I'm going to go mad every time it happens. I don't know if it has just now become popular with you guys or I just now noticed. I've seen it used in numerous TV shows and movies recently and it is driving me nuts. I'm talking about this asinine practice of inserting the sound of a gun being cocked with a striker fired pistol.

Listen, I know you probably won't get this. I don't know if you care to get this or are even smart enough to get this. I'm going to try anyway. Striker fired pistols can't make that sound. That sound you're editing in is made by a gun with a hammer. It is an entirely different kind of mechanism from a striker fired gun, which cannot make that sound. The absolute worst example, the one that nearly causes me fits, is when someone takes their striker fired gun (usually a Glock), puts it to the head of our hero, then you hear that distinctive clicking sound of a single action revolver. I'm not even going to go into why the guy has to constantly cock his gun every minute or two. But when said guy is using a modern auto pistol and it's making the sound of a revolver that dates back to a hundred a fifty years ago, well it's just too much for many of us.

So here's a simple rule that will make your production a little more real. It might even save gun nuts like myself from having a stroke. Check your bad guy's gun for a hammer, if it doesn't have one it can't make that sound!

Thanks for listening.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

RB-17 revisited

It has been over two years since my original review of RB-17 gun cleaner. In fact it has become one of my most popular posts! I suppose many come to my site wondering if the company's grand claims are true. I'm here to tell you they are. Since buying this product I have used it on many types of guns, from modern Glocks to vintage S&W pre-war revolvers. RB-17 works just like they say. It cleans your gun very well, has no harsh chemicals or smells, won't harm delicate finishes, and goes a long way. I bought a large bottle two years ago and expect to get another year out of it yet. I think for the average shooter RB-17 would easily handle all of their cleaning needs. Again, I should remind you that this is a cleaner, not a preservative. After using RB-17 you should still give your gun a good coat of oil. So after two years of using RB-17 on various types of guns and finishes I can still say that yes, it works exactly as advertised. And you should know I bought this with my own hard-earned money and I'm quite happy with it, the best endorsement I can give it!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Not gone shooting

I thought about going shooting yesterday but just couldn't. Like a lot of the country we've been experiencing unusually hot weather that makes doing anything outside miserable. Although yesterday was a little better than the record high of 105 we had a couple days before it was still bad enough. Instead, I spent the day inside with the air conditioning, part of that time oiling guns that needed it. Hopefully this record heat wave will subside soon and get back down to normal hot July weather. I would like to go shooting at least once this month.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th!

A happy Fourth of July to every American reading this! We have our problems, true, but this is still the greatest and freest nation on the face of the earth. I feel lucky to have been born here. This is a country that millions around the world long to be but will never have the opportunity; I am thankful for my good fortune. Everyone have a great holiday!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A happy Father's Day to all

Here's wishing a happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. Have a good one, you deserve it.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Gone shooting - decisions

I went shooting again at the local range this morning. I certainly prefer going to the private land I have access to (even though it cost more with gas), unfortunately it is some distance from me and to go there requires a good part of the day. If I only have an hour or two to spare the public range is the only place to go.

Today I took my Danshway again. Once more it got cleaned beforehand and my brother (who is more mechanically inclined) also took a look at it. He tinkered with the extractor some and thought it might help. I also took his (and several others) suggestion and tried running some hotter ammo thru it. The pistol definitely performed much better this time although it still had a couple malfunctions. It's a lot better but I'm not sure I want to put anymore money or effort into this gun.

I also brought along my SW990L .45 Auto because I'm considering selling it too. If I'm not going to carry it I will just have to let it go. I don't need more range only toys. Today, just like last time, it functioned perfectly. I put 100 rounds (50 ball & 50 hollowpoints) through it without a single glitch. This pistol is well made, completely reliable, and would certainly make a great choice for carrying. Just can't decide if I want it or not. I will probably have at least one more range session with it before deciding.

Decisions, decisions!

Friday Funny

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The latest meme

This is the latest meme roaming around the internetz, I thought to play too. I spent a few years traveling the highways of these United States as a truck driver and that is how I got to see most of the country. I've seen all the lower 48 with the exception of the three states tucked up in the northeast corner. As you can see from the large amount of red, most of my travels only gave me a cursory look at this beautiful nation, I never got to stay in one place too long. But I did get to see much of the scenic beauty of the countryside and I'll always remember it fondly. Some states (in green) I did visit much more often. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few there that might remember my face if not my name. Looking at the map again, I find it ironic that I've been to Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Jersey City and The Bronx more than Lexington KY, a city only about 75 miles from where I have lived most my life.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

People with guns collection # 48

"On one weekend each month, Marine reservists gather in Tampa to take on a staged military mission. They are part of the 4th Amphibian Assault Battalion of the 4th Marine Division. The Tampa unit draws its people from the southeastern United States, although most of its crew comes from the bay area. The vehicles reservists use are called LTVP-7A1 Assault Amphibian Vehicles. They are lightly armed and protected so they can carry Marine forces from ship to shore. The vehicles have a crew of three, and while they can carry up to 25, the preferred combat load is 18.

SHOWN: Lance Cpl. J.R. Bartolus in camouflage.
" MAR 9 '88

Friday, June 01, 2012

Friday Funny

Olny srmat poelpe can raed tihs

Cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can still raed it wouthit a porbelm.

Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! If you can raed tihs psas it on!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day extra

In honor of Memorial Day here is another post. A US officer, his name long lost, sits for a photo with children somewhere in recently liberated France. "France 10/44"

Memorial Day

Another Memorial Day is here. Let us stop to consider those that gave all so we could be here today.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Gone Shooting - Keeper

I went shooting again this morning, been twice in less than a week. That's a record for me! I went to a local public range again today. I have access to private land but it is much further away. Normally I prefer to shoot on the private land even though the cost to drive there is more than the range fees. But today, like last time, I didn't have the time. No photos again either. When I'm at a public range I don't worry about taking pretty pictures, I have other concerns. Mostly I'm concerned that John Q. Public might shoot me in my back when it's turned. If you saw the tin roof of this shooting range you would see that my fears are not completely unreasonable

Today I took my Springfield Armory M1A Socom 16 to see how it runs. There are several guns I acquired in the last year and a half that I haven't tried yet. Of all the long guns I need to shoot I thought this one might be the problem child of the bunch. So I decided to take it to the range and see if it was a "keeper." It is

All shooting today was from the bench at 50 yards. The rifle was grouping slightly low so it would be probably be right on at 100 yards. I might have to fine tune the sights the next time it goes but it shouldn't be too far off. I was more worried about muzzle flash and recoil than sighting it in, but it turns out my apprehension was for naught. Yes, it does have some kick and muzzle blast but the rifle in completely controllable. Actually, despite some kick it's very fun to shoot. The factory muzzle brake does a good job of taming the recoil and the blast isn't too bad either (in daylight anyway).

As for function it was perfect. I fired 20 rounds each of 1980s British surplus, 1990s German surplus and Winchester white box without a single problem. The barrel and scope mount heated up fast though. The scope mount on this rifle is attached directly to the barrel and I noticed that after only 10-15 rounds it was already so hot you couldn't touch it! I took off the factory stock that had a rubber butt pad and replaced it with a Vietnam era GI stock with the standard metal butt plate. I was expecting it to be much more punishing, and perhaps it is, but it was nothing intolerable. After 60 rounds my shoulder was a little sore but it didn't leave a mark.

I had a lot of fun today. Burned up some expensive ammo and decided that this little bruiser has a permanent place in my armory. Not bad for a lazy Monday morning.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gone Shooting - Déjà vu

I had some free time this morning so I went shooting. After having not gone for such a long time I'm trying to go at least once a month from now on. I don't want to get that out of practice again.

Today I took the same guns as last time, my Colt Commander .45 and my new 9mm. I went to a local public range so I didn't bother with photos. Also, since I've already know how they shoot I wasn't worried with accuracy this time, only with function. I didn't even set up a target but shot at a bowling pin someone left behind on the 50 yard line. I managed to hit it two thirds of the time.

The good news was the Colt, it ran perfect. I had one malfunction during the last outing that I am now sure was magazine induced. I left that mag at home and the Commander went through 50 rounds of Federal hollowpoints without a single hiccup.

The bad news was the 9mm. I had numerous malfunctions with this pistol last time. It had multiple failures to eject the empty and suspected that it was in need of a good cleaning, especially behind the extractor. So I thoroughly scrubbed it the other day, I did not remove the extractor as it is pinned in and I couldn't figure how to get it out. This morning it performed much better but still had issues. Last time I lost count of its failures there were so many, this time it malfunctioned 5 out of 40 rounds, still unacceptable in my book. If there is anything more frustrating than a semi-auto that won't run right I don't know what it is. The gun was mostly a novelty for me and the novelty has worn off, I'm quickly becoming bored with it. To badly misquote Colonel Whelen, "Only guns that work are interesting."***** If this pistol can be fixed cheaply I will do it but I'm not spending much money or time on it. I would rather sell it cheap and let someone else deal with the headache.

Well the day wasn't a complete loss. I did have some fun and Colt proved itself reliable for carry.

*****Actually Colonel Whelen said, "Only accurate rifles are interesting."

Monday, May 14, 2012

Spambot philosopher

Probably like me, a lot of you that blog get inundated with spam comments, those spambots ceaselessly toiling to enlighten me on the latest cures for hair loss or sexual dysfunction, or the newest way I can make a boatload of money working at home. Fortunately, Blogger's anti-spambot- bot never sleeps and it is a very rare instance when they let one get through. Anti- spambot- bot rounds up and confines all these errant comments to a holding cell, waiting for me to either approve them or flush them down the virtual toilet. That is where most go although occasionally one will briefly grab my attention before it's banished to the void of internet nothingness. It seems in the never ending struggle against their foe the spambots try to fool the enemy into thinking that their words were, you know, actually wrote by an actual person. Some efforts come out better than others and from time to time spambot makes sense in its own surreal way, even if in truth it doesn't really know what it's jabbering on about. Shown for example is this recent comment that discusses our national political situation.

But which are the sources of these clashes? I think several factors might cause conflict in US system of separated institutions sharing power. Among them are generally constitutional ambiguities, different constituencies, various terms of office, divided party control in the different branches, and fluctuating support of a president or the Congress. rebuild trust in politicians by being open about expenses and holding regular surgeries around the constituency and (Link removed).

Since spambot never stops talking it's inevitable that it will be right some of the time, although it would have been much more impressive if the comment was in a political post I made and not about a gun that I recently purchased. Nonetheless, when it discusses politicians and "surgeries" - as in cutting big bloody hunks off (think Civil War era battlefield amputations), I can't help but believe spambot might be on to something.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Which way is North?

Just went over to North's house and found his place empty. Anyone know what's up?

Monday, May 07, 2012

Question for the gunnies

This question is for those among us that carry concealed. Do you have an ankle holster and do you use it? I bet most gun owners that carry have one, or eventually will buy one, but never use it much. I have an ankle rig myself. It is well made, securely holds the gun and is comfortable for hours even with an all steel J-Frame. Still didn't use it unless I had no other choice, only when it was the last option left to me. The main issue for me was the draw. Not only was it slow but awkward too. You've got two options to draw from the ankle, either crouch down, which is how I did it, or you could raise your leg up to your hand while trying to balance on the other. You can call that one the tactical flamingo draw. Both ways were clumsy at best. The way I did it, crouching down and drawing, gave you better balance but seemed to set you up for a perfect head shot by a perpetrator. I never liked that feeling I had when drawing my gun like that. That's why I've owned an ankle holster eight years now and have maybe used it a few dozen times. How about you, do you own one, does it get used much?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Joshua addendum

For those interested my novel Joshua is now available on Nook.

Also there were some minor glitches in the Kindle version (mostly words in bold for some reason) that didn't show up until after I proofed it the first time. My apologies to those few that purchased a copy before the issue was discovered. If you bought my book on Kindle and it had problems please email me at the address in the side bar.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

People with guns collection # 47

"RIOTS CHICAGO - APRIL - 1968 - Private policeman standing behind gate in front of a store he was hired to protect. He said he stood guard all night with his .38 cal. pistol in hand and chased away several attempts by people to loot store."

This photo brings up an interesting question, one that certainly doesn't have any easy answer. I believe that an overwhelming majority of my fellow citizens would agree that you have the right to defend your life with deadly force. But do you have any such right when defending your property? Please note I'm speaking here of ethics, not the law, which would vary greatly depending where you live. Do you have a right to defend your property? Always. Never. Maybe, depending on the circumstances. This is where the lines get blurry. I suspect that if you asked ten different people, even ten different gun owners, you would get as many varied answers. It's a tough question that many people don't even want to consider. I've thought about it and I don't really have a definitive answer myself. I'm sure many would say no, never, under any circumstances. You don't have any right to kill someone over "stuff." I would imagine that most people wouldn't shoot someone trying to steal their TV or car. But what about someone trying to burn down your house? Could you watch and do nothing as somebody destroyed everything that you spent a lifetime working for? Could you stand by while you were made penniless and homeless? Like I said, there are no easy answers here. I only bring it up because I believe it's a question that every American needs to ask themselves. It's better to think about it now, when you can do it calmly and rationally, rather than later when you might not have that luxury.