Monday, June 21, 2010

Gone shooting - Revolver Day!

Was off from work this Monday, so what do you do when you find yourself with a little free time and no real plans? You go shooting of course! Today I decided to make it revolver day and took my "new" S&W model 342PD along with my Colt Python. Since I will probably be carrying the Smith & Wesson a lot during the summer months I wanted to get in some more practice time with it. I also brought the Python as I have only shot it once since buying it and I am still trying to get used to the trigger. Over the years I've only owned a few double action Colt revolvers, I'm mostly a S&W man. Needless to say both brands of revolvers operate differently and have their own "feel". More practice is definitely needed.
First up was the 342PD. Today I brought another box (20 rds) of self-defense +P hollowpoints and a 50 round box of standard pressure ammunition both of the same bullet weight (130 gr). I kept the ranges short, 21 and 30 feet (7 and 10 yards), to keep more in line with the typical use of this small pocket gun. My groups were tighter today than last time (even with the occasional flyer) and I am definitely starting to get better with this gun. All firing today was from a Weaver stance and I used both practiced slow, aimed fire and fast "defense" shooting. I am happy to say that every single shot was in the "A". I really like the red ramp front sight as it seems I am able to get back on target just a little bit faster (compared to a plain ramp sight). Since the 342PD is a light weight gun I also thought it would be much harder to practice with. So far I've had no problem hurting my hand or with fatigue. I believe that I could shoot standard pressure loads all day in the revolver and could probably fire +P loads in moderate amounts too without any of those issues.Next on the line - Colt Python! Today I was shooting at distances of 30 and 45 feet (10 and 15 yards) and like the 342PD fired in double action and using a Weaver stance. I only used .357 ammunition in the Python, that being Blazer, Remington and S&B brand ammo all of 158 grain weight. The first time I shot this Colt it was shooting a little to the left. This time I remembered to bring a small screwdriver with me but then went too far right, by the end of the day though I believe I had it correct. I had run out of ammo by then so I can't be 100% sure until next time. Like the S&W I am slowly getting used to the Colt's trigger. Groups were about 1-2 inches smaller than last time, averaging at 5 inches. Again, like the Smith, I was able to keep all of the shots today in the "A" zone of a standard USPSA/IPSC target although at 45 feet they were spread about as far as they could go and still be in the A.

Another great day shooting with two great revolvers!


Boat Guy said...

That's a nice looking Python! Makes me want one just like it. Damn.
Just took delivery on a SP 101 for the daughter-in-law to-be. The trigger shoe has brutal edges on it. My 'smith will smooth those out and reduce the hammer-spur a bit to reduce the possibility of it hanging up in her clothes etc.
Our family observance of Independence Day will see lots of gunpowder burnt through new Rugers (for new family members who are slight of stature) old 1911's (GrandDad's original WWI carry) and the Model 27 with the new Blu Magnum grips - as well as M1's 03A3's and whatever else comes to hand.

Wilson said...

Thanks for the comment of my Python, yes it's a beauty. Nothing wrong with Rugers though, solid built guns! Sounds like you are going to have a great Independence Day, I hope you have a great one!

Unknown said...

Sweet. I was looking through your blogs specifically for this one gun. The Python. This is like my dream gun and i already like you mainly because of this and that you prefer 1911s. Also i think its cool that you want a KSG. I think the KSG is really interesting with its high capacity double tube design and long barrel capabilities due to bullpup. Anyway just leaving my opinion of this awesome blog and from what I have read you should do this for a living. or are you? I don't know but this blog is legit.

Wilson said...

Thanks for the compliment, I’m glad you like my blog. It is just a hobby though. As for a KSG I might buy one someday if they ever come down to suggested retail!