Monday, August 02, 2010

Seven Point Six Two

I have only one more major gun purchase that I am planning this year. I would like a semi .22 pistol but I already have several nice .22s and don't really need another. What I do need though is a 7.62 semi rifle and I have needed one for a long while now. Originally I had just planned to buy another Springfield M1A since I've owned two before and I already have some accessories. But then I decided to take a look at all my options. I am now looking at several different guns including the M1A, some of the less expensive AR-10 models and I also like the RFB although Kel-Tec has had it out over a year and they are still apparently trying to get all the bugs out. I don't plan to purchase a rifle right away, as long as it is before the end of the year. I am in no rush. Just trying to consider all the options here. My criteria 7.62 NATO - Detachable 20 Round Box Mag - Carbine length - And an absolute max price of 2k. Of course little things like reliability and value for the money would be good to. There is the Springfield scout, they also have the SOCOM models but I prefer the full length gas system. Then there is the RFB, AR-10 brands like DPMS and Armalite and I am sure there are others I haven't considered. I am looking for comments from owners here, good or bad, about the aforementioned rifles and any other you think are worth considering. THANKS!


Boat Guy said...

I have an AR-10 (the "new" ArmaLite) that seems to work. OR I have some of the "Old" ArmaLite magazines that work. These are converted M14/M1A mags. The "new production" mags from ArmaLite are just CRAP. That all said I can't recommend the AR-10 even though I really like mine.
T'were me, I'd buy a "Scout" version (NOT either of the "SOCOM" models - even shorter OpRod don'tcha know)of the M1A and be done.
Traded my Steyr Scout straight across for the AR-10 with ACOG. I REALLY like the ACOG.

Anonymous said...

PTR-91KF is a US made HK G3 clone.
16 in. barrel,.308 cal and takes inexpensive G3 mags. You can also get longer barrel lengths if you prefer.

A friend has one. Very nice to shoot. Felt recoil was lower than his M1A. Most parts are interchangeable with HK. They are made using the blueprints and machinery from the Portuguese factory that used to make HKs under license.

James Nonte said...

Here is another vote for the M1A. It’s a classic! I had a friend that bought a lower priced AR10 and it has been nothing but problems. The magazines in particular! Your choice of a scout is good or they used to make one called the bush model. Personally I like the full sized one that I have but I can see the uses for a carbine length model. If I were you I would look for a older one when they still used GI parts.

Anonymous said...

You can't go wrong with the classic FAL

Cornholio said...

the m1a or the fal are great choices. check them both out an see what fits you best. hk91 is a great gun but i don't know if i could completely trust a copy, and personally i don't like how they tear up brass. keltec rfb seems interesting but it hasn't been out long enough to prove itself yet.