Thursday, July 12, 2012

RB-17 revisited

It has been over two years since my original review of RB-17 gun cleaner. In fact it has become one of my most popular posts! I suppose many come to my site wondering if the company's grand claims are true. I'm here to tell you they are. Since buying this product I have used it on many types of guns, from modern Glocks to vintage S&W pre-war revolvers. RB-17 works just like they say. It cleans your gun very well, has no harsh chemicals or smells, won't harm delicate finishes, and goes a long way. I bought a large bottle two years ago and expect to get another year out of it yet. I think for the average shooter RB-17 would easily handle all of their cleaning needs. Again, I should remind you that this is a cleaner, not a preservative. After using RB-17 you should still give your gun a good coat of oil. So after two years of using RB-17 on various types of guns and finishes I can still say that yes, it works exactly as advertised. And you should know I bought this with my own hard-earned money and I'm quite happy with it, the best endorsement I can give it!


Home on the Range said...

I will have to go see if I can pick up some. Thanks for the heads up!

Wilson said...

No problem :)

Anonymous said...

Where is it sold finding it is not easy at all. I had a 16oz bottle and gave 1/2 to my shooting buddy and another friend had a fire in his garage with his collection stored in it so he got my 1/2, the place where I bought it must have closed because the number is not working.