Monday, December 31, 2012

The guns of 2012 ... and 2013

In 2012 I sold a lot more guns than I bought. In 2011 I continued selling off my collectable guns, the ones that were just taking up space in my gun safe. A few months ago I sold the last of my once mighty Smith & Wesson wheel gun collection. All of my revolvers with model numbers are now gone except for a very few that actually do get used occasionally. I'm keeping my pre model number guns although I did sell two pre-war .357 Magnums this year. The five and four inch guns are gone but don't feel too sorry for me because another 3 ½-inch (this one engraved) somehow found its way to my safe! I'll always have some antiques in my collection, I love them too much, but I can't justify so many guns that sat unused. I have enjoyed collecting antiques for many years but it was time to move on.

I also inherited some guns from Dad early in the year. That was another reason to sell some of the ones I wasn't using. I just didn't have room for everything! His taste in firearms ran more towards classics and among his guns that now reside in my safe include two early post war Winchesters, a Model 70 in .30-06 and a 97 shotgun, as well as a Belgian made Browning Hi Power.

Most of my actual gun purchases this year were for more modern and practical firearms, the SCAR 17S being my largest purchase for 2012. I also bought two complete S&W AR-15 lowers as cheap insurance before the election. Of course all of those were when they could still be found at reasonable prices, or found at all.

As for the coming year I don't have any 'must have' guns. In fact the only big 'gun' purchases I'm planning for 2013 are optics. As to actual guns in '13 I don't have many I'm looking for, a Ruger take down 10/22 and another Mark II pistol are both on the short list. I'll probably build up at least one of the AR lowers I bought when prices come back down. I really wanted a Kel-Tec KSG and have for a long while now. After finally getting to handle one earlier this year I only wanted it more. But I am not willing to pay the asking price let alone play the Kel-Tec waiting game. For the cost of one KSG you could buy two nice Remington 870s and a lot of ammo. I don't see me ever owning one unless the prices drop way under 'suggested' retail.

I didn't go shooting much this year either, no where near as much as I wanted to. I barely kept in practice with my carry guns. I say this every year but I do plan to go shooting a lot more in 2013.

Finally, I expect that ammunition will be my biggest expenditure for 2013, I will continue to stockpile as long as I can afford it. I recommend you do the same, if for no other reason than to keep ahead of inflation.
EDIT: Bonus photo!


Jason said...

John...that engraved Smith has me speechless...are those stag grips by Patrick from the S&W forum? I would love to see some more pictures of that beautiful wheelgun, wow.

Wilson said...

Thanks Jason, I think I can come up with another photo. It is a beauty, I couldn’t turn it down. Hope it shoots straight. The grips I got off Gunbroker a while back. I can’t remember the sellers name, might be who you are talking about.

Jason said...

Thanks for the bonus pic! She is a beauty. Do you know the story behind the engraving? Fellow I have seen on the forum that makes stags similar to these goes by the name 'Executioner'.

Wilson said...

Thanks Jason, I’m happy to oblige. No, I don't know anything about the engraving. It’s not perfect and not factory, but the engraver did have talent. I haven't been able to find a signature yet. I bought those grips off GB from seller 'bigmtnman' who sells a lot of stag grips. It has been a long while since I bought them so I’m not sure if it is the same person you're speaking of.