Saturday, December 22, 2012

Not for sale

I've been sitting here looking at my SCAR 17S rifle. It's hard to believe that they are now selling for nearly triple what I paid for mine less than a month ago. The magazines are going for four times what I paid just two weeks ago. I guess timing is everything. All this panic buying and general insanity over an 'Assault Weapon' ban that has almost zero chance of happening.

I guess I can understand it a bit. I got caught off guard during the Clinton era ban and overpaid for some items too. I had only been into guns a few years then and not into 'Black' guns at all. I remember paying $200 for a stripped AR-15 receiver when just before that you could pick them up all day long for $80. There is a big difference though. When I bought that receiver it was because I wanted to build and shoot a gun that I thought I would never have another chance to own. But I'm betting a guy that pays $5000+ for a SCAR has no intention of shooting it, might not want it at all. I bet that deep down he is really hoping that some gun legislation will be passed, so he can resale later at a hefty profit. The scum would gladly give our freedoms away to make a little money.

I won't be selling mine even though I could right now and easily double my money. I made the decision to buy this rifle because it had the features I wanted. It was the best tool for the job. That hasn't changed no matter how much it's worth.


Anonymous said...

First Brigid makes me drool over food, now you and machines...

When will it ever end!



PS - good for you!

Murphy's Law said...

I've been saying that we'll see much of what just disappeared from the dealers' shelves for sale again soon on Gunbroker and at the gun shows. It's like when the CMP was a good deal for actual high-power shooters in terms of guns and ammo until the profiteers came along and started coming up with so many scams to buy and re-sell the stuff for profit (despite CMP rules against it) that CMP finally caved and just raised prices to market prices and lifted all limits and restrictions.

Enjoy the SCAR though. They are nice.

Wilson said...

Thanks, It's my belief that come summer or fall everyone that is maxing out their cards right now buying guns and magazines are going to be selling that stuff for major losses. People holding their cash right now will be able to find really good deals.

Jason said...

Good to hear your perspective on all this. I too have some items that I have picked up very recently that I could turn for 3x to 5x profit but I am not going to do it. Heck, the box of pmags I ordered at $10 a pop are now selling for ridiculous prices. Was at Cabelas today and it looked like Black Friday.