Friday, March 01, 2013

Gone Shooting

Yesterday was a cold, wet, dreary day, but I went shooting anyway. One of my New Year's resolutions was to go shooting at least once every month in 2013; I'm doing my best to keep it.

The only gun I took was my main carry gun, my 1953 Colt Government Model. I didn't want to go trampling through the mud much so all shooting was done at one target at 10 yds. Once I filled that target with holes that was enough for the day. As usual the pistol was 100% reliable.

But I really did need to test this gun again and that's another reason I went yesterday. Recently I had new sights installed and I wanted to see if the point of aim changed. It does shoot slightly higher than it did but not enough to worry about. I had a Novak gold bead front and a Harrison Design Retro rear sight installed. I really like the sight picture of the new sights and my old eyes can easily pick up that gold front dot, even in low light.

I actually have several guns that need to be shot, either for the first time, or like this Colt, to recheck them. This spring is going to be real busy of me!


Keads said...

Nice looking Colt there!

Wilson said...

Thanks but the photo isn’t very good, it has a lot of wear. I sent it to Novaks because the front sight had to have a dovetail cut to be installed. They blued it again after the work was done. That makes it look somewhat better than it actually is. But I don’t mind, carry guns are supposed to get worn.