Monday, April 29, 2013

Gone Shooting

I went to the shooting range this morning. The weather was cool and the sky overcast. All in all, a nice day to go to the range.

Today I took .45 pistols again, like most every time so far this year. Once more I brought my main carry gun, the Colt. I try and take at least one of my carry guns with me whenever I go, even only putting a magazine or two through it is better than nothing.

I also brought my .45 USP. It's my house gun and it occurred to me that although I've shot it numerous times I have never fired it with the flashlight attached, like it sits next to my bed.

Both guns ran flawlessly. The USP even gulped down some old semi-wadcutter target loads I had on hand. The USP has never failed me once. Not through thousands of rounds of different bullet types, ages and manufacturers. It is one of the most reliable pistols I have ever owned.

But the main purpose of the day was seeing if the HK's attached flashlight affected the gun's performance in any way. I couldn't distinguish any significant difference. The gun balance has been changed slightly but accuracy and reliability were the same. Having more weight under the barrel might have marginally reduced felt recoil but to be honest the HK is very manageable to begin with. It's hard to tell if there really was an appreciable difference.

But it was a good morning shooting anyway.

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