Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gone Shooting

It was an absolutely miserable day to go shooting but I went this morning anyway. I guess I just like to punish myself. It has been raining here off and on for several days and the mud was deep, the humidity was awful too. But, as I've mentioned several times before on this blog I have quite a few guns I need to shoot. I would like to finally get the job done. I didn't shoot much from late '11 thru most of 2012 and got behind. I also inherited some guns from my dad which didn't help the problem either.

Today I took a 1959 Winchester Model 88 (.308) that I got from Dad. He had a modern fixed 4X scope mounted on it. The scope was alright but I thought a vintage Weaver 2.5 X 7 variable I had was a much better fit for this classic Winchester.

The gun shop bore sight it for me and then I did the rest myself. I didn't really do much shooting though as I forgot my spotting scope and since the Remington 165 gr hunting loads I was using are almost $1 apiece I didn't feel like wasting many. I was able to get the rifle on paper at 100 yards. Later this year, when the weather is more comfortable, I'll finish the job.

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