Monday, July 12, 2010

Gun trading days...

Me and my Dad did some gun trading today and when it was finally over he ended up with a well worn 1947 Smith & Wesson M&P and a safe queen Model 36 (square butt) and I ended up with a Budischowsky TP-70 (.22lr) and cash. Since we both reside in the same state no paperwork or waiting periods (we don't have a waiting period anyway) are required. I love this state!

The Budischowsky is a cute little mouse gun and a good shooter when it wants to. I originally bought it last year (see photo) and traded it off (for I don't know what) last summer. The main problem with this tiny gun is the ammo selection. It's very finicky about what it will consume. I know from owning it last time that it's best with Winchester or Federal but absolutely hates Remington Thunderbolt. When I shoot it again I will probably take a box of every type I own and see what it likes.


Boat Guy said...

My Dad and I did some gun-trading as well over the holiday. He brought back my Orange-Gunsite-worked 1911 and went home with an XD9. Last year I sent my 1911 home with him 'cause we broke the barrel-bushing in GrandDad's honest-to-God 1911. I didn't want to send him home disarmed - and still didn't this year.
The XD came with a SureFire X300 light. We're both happy he's got a light on this pistol - his other option was a SIG 225, which he shot slightly better (Dad is still VERY good) but the light capability won the day for the XD.

Wilson said...

Yeah, every once in a while me and my Dad, or my Brother, will end up trading guns. Whatever we are tired of finds new homes. Sounds like you got a good deal, and as long as both sides are happy!