Saturday, December 10, 2011

MSAR Update

I can't believe it has almost been a year since I shot my MSAR, 2011 has flown by! I already made one change to the rifle, adding a Raptor charging handle. Over the last few months I've made some more modifications to make it better (for me). The improvements include a Giles sling, a Neu-Trigger, a Aimpoint H-1 on a LaRue Tactical mount and YHM back up sights.

The Neu-Trigger is a simple device that is easy to install although they could have included better instructions. The trigger pull weight on my rifle was 8.75 pounds before and afterwards went down to 6.75. The trigger is also a little smoother now.

I'm very impressed with the Aimpoint so far and they certainly have a great reputation. I've already owned products from LaRue and their quality always impresses. I have set up the Yankee Hill sights to absolute co-witness with the red dot.

Now there's nothing left to do but sight the rifle in and continue to test for reliability. I need to know if the Neu-Trigger effects function (no reason it should) and will put at least 200-300 rounds through it next time out. Hopefully I can get this to the range sometime next month.


Jason said...

Nice, nice, nice! Are the mount and the Aimpoint the goodies you recently got in the mail?

Wilson said...

Yes they are, LaRue sells them as a combo and it's a good deal. Now I have to get it to the range!