Monday, September 26, 2011

Joshua - Done

It has been a long and interesting journey and now my book Joshua (first draft) is finished. For the last month or so I've worked hard trying to bring the story to a conclusion and I finally have. I had the original story idea for a while but never put it down. I didn't think I could write a novel. Then starting in July of 2010 I started with the thought that it would make a great short story, but it just kept growing. Now I have written my first book, 92,710 words. I have decided to take the advice of a professional author, you know someone that actually gets paid to write. I'm going to leave it alone for at least a few weeks, not even think about it for a while before I do the final edit. For everyone of you that have read my book and especially to those that sent comments or emails (good or bad), thank you. You encouraged me, knowing that there were people reading my words helped me to keep on going. I will not be releasing separate chapters anymore. The next time you see Joshua it will complete, ready for you to read from beginning to end and (hopefully) enjoy.


Owen T said...

Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it.

DES said...

You should be proud. Many people think they can write a book but never finish, most never even start. I have read your chapters so far and I look forward to the rest.

David's Dad said...

Congratulations, but I hope we don't have to wait to long.