Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - Bittersweet

Another year is gone and 2012 was full of highs and lows for me. It started off bad when Dad passed away. I spent most of the earlier part of this year in a depressed haze. Looking back at my posts for 2012 I honestly don't remember making many of those in the first half of the year. It was a long dark tunnel but finally I saw some light about halfway through the summer. Obama's re-election was also a low point. I never was a Romney fan but even he was a preferable alternative to who we have in office. I had no delusions that Romney was going to save this country but I thought that maybe he could slow this train some before it came off the rails. I must admit that the election shook me up quite a bit. I just can't look at my country and its future, or American voters in general, in the same light again.

But 2012 had some bright spots too. My book being my personal one. I never thought my self-published novel would make me a millionaire. My only hope was that it would earn its money back, if it made a little profit that would be a pleasant surprise. To date my book sales has far surpassed all my expectations. I've sold over 5,000 copies to date. It also gave me a hope I didn't dare dream but now looks like it could be possible one day, being able to support myself doing the thing I love, writing. My book also introduced me to a new pastime for writers that I had no idea existed until I published my own, checking my Amazon book sales stats eleven-gazillion times each day!

For 2013 I have another book coming out. If it sells as well as my first book I might fulfill another dream I've had for a while, buying me some acreage out in the country somewhere.

Other than that I see 2013 as a continuation of 2012 for me, saving, paying off bills, and preparing for an unknown future. Just trying to hang on and praying the world does too. For all the readers of wilsonblog, I hope you reach your personal goals next year and have a great 2013!


Home on the Range said...

You've done quite well for yourself. You family was, and will be proud.

Happy New Year.

Wilson said...

Thank you, I hope you had a great New Year!