Sunday, April 04, 2010

From the vault - Smith & Wesson Model 27-7

From deep within my gun safe comes another treasure...Produced in limited quantities in 2000 the Smith & Wesson Model 27-7 has several features that distinguish it from other Model 27 revolvers made before or since. The 27-7 was special ordered from S&W by the sporting goods distributor Bangers. Each revolver was custom built by the S&W Performance Center (PC) and wears their emblem instead of the normal Smith & Wesson logo. Each revolver was hand assembled and tuned, and delivered in a PC aluminum carry case. The 27-7 was limited to only 200 copies ever made, 100 with a 4-inch barrel and 100 with a 6-½ inch barrel. Produced in a special serial number range, all had a high polish blue finish, a round butt grip frame and had square butt conversion target stocks. The Model 27-7 was the first 27 produced as an 8-shot capacity revolver and could be loaded conventionally or with special moon clips that were also supplied. The 27-7 also has the distinction of being the only 8-shot Model 27 ever made without "The Lock".

I had a chance to purchase one of these when they originally came out but stupidly passed on the opportunity. Later on I realized just how dumb I was and started looking for another. Unfortunately they rarely come up for sale so it has been a long wait. I finally got my chance to get this one in a trade. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet but the action is smooth as glass, easily the equal of my Colt Python. And holding two more rounds of .357 Magnum gives the edge to the big S&W. Not to worry, a shooting report will be forthcoming.


Unknown said...

Purchased a Model 27-7 last year that a local gunshop took in. It is a 6 1/2 " with the original case and moon clips. They say it was never fired and upon inspection I believe it. Serial 0006. There is not much published about the 27-7.

Wilson said...

Not much as been published on them. No doubt because of their limited production, only 100 in each barrel length.