Sunday, April 25, 2010

Keep on buying...

Went to wallyworld® again this morning to pick up a few items. Bought some more 9x19mm while I was there (couldn't hurt). My local store has it at $11.99/50rds, which is about the cheapest centerfire cartridge you can get around my neck of the woods. They also have a good supply of it too; they've had in stock every time I have visited this year. Can't say the same for .45ACP or .357 Magnum, both of which are more expensive and harder to find. Talking with others on gun forums I find that different regions have their own specific problems. One I talked with hasn't been able to find any 9mm for months while another had all that they could buy at the much better price of $9.99. A year ago my local store had nothing most of the time except a few very over priced items (how about $45.99 for 50 rounds of .44 Mag). Now, a year later the situation is much improved. I can't say that I expect the prices to come down much more (they might go back up) but supply is definitely better and I have been able to find every caliber that I've been looking for if I look hard enough, even if I wasn't completely happy with the price when I found it. Current plans are to continue buying, if only a box or two at a time. I have no intention of a repeat of last year where I had a gun that I had no ammo for and didn't know when I would get any. That won't happen again, ever.

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