Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gratuitous gun photo time!

Being a former owner of a Mateba Auto Revolver, Macchine Termo Ballistica - Unica 6 for you nitpickers out there, I can say that the Italian made oddity may not have been very practical but it sure was a fun gun to shoot! I've heard the gun described as being the ugliest ever made and I won't try to argue. You either liked it looks or hated it, there didn't seem to be much room in between. I thought it kind of grew on you but I've been known to like some weird stuff so maybe that's just me. But there can be no denying that the Mateba was a pleasure to shoot and it made even the heaviest .357 loads feel like .38 Specials. I sold mine a while back to help finance a S&W Registered Magnum I really wanted. If I had unlimited funds I would have kept it but such is the life of a "gun nut" and given that I really wanted the RM more I can't say I regret it too much, although if I ever see another at a price I can live with I would probably pick it up...

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