Saturday, March 20, 2010

wilsonblogclassic® Originally posted Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just finished watching the AGI production The Official History of Smith & Wesson and must say that it was quite enjoyable. Let me tell you right up front that if you are a collector of Smith & Wesson handguns YOU NEED TO OWN THIS VIDEO! I am sure that anyone that has an appreciation for finely made older guns will like this as well. This is a 2-DVD set with a total running time of nearly 3 ½ hours. Host Gene Kelly spends nearly 3 of those hours talking to famedSmith & Wesson Historian (and collector) Roy Jinks. He even conducts the interview in D. B. Wesson's original office, which now resides in Mr. Jinks home! What we get is not a cold, clinical discussion but more a lively chat with a good friend that just happens to know a lot about S&W's product and history over the years. Mr. Jinks also gets to show us his own personal collection which feature many of the interesting and historical guns made by the company since their inception. The last 30 minutes of the second DVD gives us a guided tour (by Mr. Jinks) of the Smith & Wesson museum. As already stated, if you have any interest in the products and history of Smith & Wesson you need this DVD!

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