Friday, March 05, 2010

Goodbye - Hello!

Welcome to the new wilsonblog! I will no longer be posting on my blog that is hosted on Tripod, I am starting a new one here. I have been on Tripod for 7 ½ years now, my first website getting off the ground in September of 2002. I have also had a blog there, in several incarnations, sense August of 2007 but have never been completely happy with it. I have always had problems with their site and working on my blog always seemed more difficult than it should be. Now that they have "improved" their site it only seems to have got worse. I never was motivated to doing anything about it, but finally I decided to get off my rear end and actually do something. This is what I've done! I am already happy here with this new blog, it has many features that I have always wanted but didn't have, is much easier to build and work on, and it's a great price too! Yeah, FREE is always a good price. And when you consider that I like it much more than my previous web host that was costing me $9 a month and giving me countless headaches it does appear to be an especially good bargain!

As for the blog itself I don't see any big changes in the future. Lots of posts on guns, with a particular emphasis on the Smith & Wesson hand ejector and the Colt 1911 pattern pistol, both gifts from God to us gunnies!

There will still be a lot of other stuff too, pop culture, old television, my pointless ramblings on obscure subjects, (attempts at) great photography and generally stupid and senseless postings.

As for the old wilsonblog I have decided to leave it up as an archive, at least for a while. I will also be re-posting some of my articles from the old site to archive them here. Certainly not everything I've ever written, but a few of my better stories. Some topics like People with Guns will be brought over here in their entirety.

I certainly think that I am going to be happier here that at the old homestead. I definitely having a much easier time posting and feel freer to express my ideas on this site, hopefully it will start showing in the very near future!

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