Monday, May 10, 2010

Books - The Deadliest Men

Just re-read The Deadliest Men by Paul Kirchner. This book is a collection of tales of many men (and some women) throughout history that have proven that they have the "Warrior Spirit", prevailing in armed combat. The author gives short profiles of these men and women and the deeds that have earned them a place in history. From World War I fighter aces to 18th century duelist. From the ancient history of Alexander the Great to the modern tale of a Los Angeles jeweler that triumphed against the odds in four separate gun battles. These stories perfectly illustrate the idea that ultimately it is the man (or woman) and their willingness to fight and win that decides the outcome of violent confrontations. That while training and equipment are important, it is really the attitude of the warrior, more than anything else, that decides his fate.

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Boat Guy said...

I think Paul Kirchner did most of the illustrations for Cooper's books. I'll be looking for this one.